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Center of Excellence for Business Success

Professional Managers Organization promotes the QualityPMO Methodology for the "People Domain" of a Quality Project Management Office.  It is based on best practices gathered over 28 years of research and successfully applied to over 47 projects. 

Purposeful People

Professional managers are servant mindful leaders with Wellness Quality Management (WQM) expertise for trustworthiness in the People Domain!

Business Outcome

Business Agility is achieved by Professional Managers working together for Business Mission (CMBA) improvement & change management!

Project Outputs

Any change is a project (CPMP) and professional managers must be High Performers in operation and project management, the Process Domain!

Professional Managers Leadership Initiative

QualityPMO for Organizational Success

The purpose of this project is to create a collaborative partnership between SU, PMI, and PLI to improve the integration of quality in Project Management Offices. By emphasizing people leadership as the primary driver of organizational performance, the project aims to enhance project outcomes through training and quality assurance measures. Furthermore, the project seeks to enhance the People Domain in PMBoK 8, ensuring that it aligns with current industry practices and standards.

Our organization, driven by a commitment to excellence, is embarking on a new partnership project to elevate the quality and performance of our project management office. We recognize the significance of professional managers who possess the necessary skills and expertise to drive successful projects. This initiative aims to empower our project managers to become professional managers, equipped with the strategic mindset and proficiency needed to achieve their goals effectively.

We understand that professional managers must possess a deep understanding of quality integration and project management methodologies. By leveraging existing benchmarks and organizational assets, we can cultivate a culture of synergy within our community of practices and centers of excellence. This partnership will foster the development of a robust methodology that enhances our project management practices.

As we work towards improving our capital assets and infrastructure projects, particularly in construction project management, we have come to realize that our current processes and business support are in place. However, the performance of our people does not consistently meet the desired level of quality we seek. This realization has prompted us to collaborate with Stanford and other DOE complex contractors to identify the root causes of underperformance and human error.

We believe that quality is the common denominator between a client and a service provider, be it an internal or external client. To ensure client satisfaction, service providers must understand the quality metrics, requirements, and expectations set forth. Consequently, we are partnering with Stanford to update the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Book, creating the Human and Organization Performance (HOP) Handbook. This comprehensive resource will foster a just culture that prioritizes training and support, enabling our employees to perform at their best.

Stanford University & UIT/SLAC PMOs

Stanford University (SU), one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions, promotes human and organizational performance improvement. It is highly desired by clients such as the Department of Energy (DOE) and EFCOG. The PMOs in SLAC and University IT are interested in collecting lessons learned and train their managers using the latest best practices.

Project Management Institute

PMI is the global leader and pioneer in project management process improvement. They have been a resource and benchmark for clients such as DOE to manage complex projects and self-managed organizations. The new Discipline Agile approach is of interest for business agility and lean approach to improve human and organizational performance.

Project Leadership Institute

Stanford University's Project Leadership Institute (PLI) is a successful program that focuses on the People Domain of project management. Owner-type organizations such as DOE are highly interested in the program and send a cohort of 25 project managers from all DOE contractors to enhance their leadership skills and become next-generation professional managers for complex projects.

To thrive in today's dynamic environment, it is crucial to adopt an agile mindset when dealing with new initiatives and projects. While operational functions thrive on routine processes and procedures, new projects demand an agile team capable of navigating uncertainties, complexities, and volatility. To equip our project managers with the necessary skills, we have embraced the Discipline Agile Scrum Master program, complementing the traditional Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 7th edition.

However, we have identified a gap in people domain knowledge within the new PMBOK 7. To bridge this gap, we propose a collaboration between Stanford as the Sponsor for the Professional Manager Leadership Initiative through its Project Leadership Institute, renowned for its people domain expertise, and PMI, renowned for its process management knowledge. This partnership will empower professional managers, particularly project managers supporting business operations, to deliver Quality Project Outputs and Improved Business Outcomes.

In conclusion, the partnership project between Stanford and PMI represents a powerful synergy that will bolster our organization's commitment to quality and performance. By merging people domain knowledge with robust project management methodologies, we will unlock the full potential of our project managers, leading to better business outcomes and increased client satisfaction. Through this collaboration, we can create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, propelling us towards success in an ever-evolving landscape through a QualityPMO.

Professional Managers

Visit our Blog for the latest articles and posts by our experts and learn who is a true Professional Manager to be an effective part of a Quality Project Management Office of any Business Organization!

Purposeful People

Purposeful people are individuals who live with intention and focus on their values and goals. They have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve and why, and they make decisions and take actions aligned with their purpose. Purposeful people are driven, self-motivated, and committed to making a positive impact in the world. They are resilient and adaptable, facing challenges with determination and perseverance. Living with purpose brings meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction to one's life.

Mindful Leaders

A mindful leader is a person who leads with awareness, focus, and purpose. They practice mindfulness in their daily lives and use it to make decisions, manage stress, and communicate effectively with their team. Mindful leaders are empathetic, intentional, and considerate, and they create a positive work culture by promoting well-being, creativity, and innovation.


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Professional Managers lead teams that work in a relation-based organization but expect a performance-based results!   This requires high level of knowledge and experience in both technical, management, and interpersonal skills.
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Professionals for the People Domain

We create Communities of Practice within Project Management Institute Chapters to promote PMI Philosophy and Best Practices. Our members share methodologies to improve and expand our knowledge base. For example, see our Construction Quality Management and Wellness Quality Management Community of Practice.

Construction Quality Management

The Construction Quality Management Community of Practice was established in 2019 under the PMI Great Lakes Chapter of Michigan. It aims to bring together professionals from the architectural, engineering, and construction industries to collaborate and improve their process performance and technical aspects.


The Wellness Quality Management Community of Practice was founded in 2021 under the PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. Its goal is to gather best practices from healthcare professionals and improve people's emotional and mental well-being for a Sustainable and Integrated method of Human and Organizational Performance Improvement. is part of the family


Our methodology is based on best practices and learning from over 28 years of research applied to over 47 projects.  Join an elite group of professional managers that care and share the love!


Project Outputs

Any change is a project and professional managers must be both operation and project managers!


Business Outcome

Any change has a business case and importance to the mission that's why professional managers are needed!


Professional People

Professional managers are servant leaders who understand the human aspect of all their tasks and drives!

Consulting and Training

Business Advisory and Project Consultancy

Don't hesitate to reach out to any of our experts and ask about upcoming training and courses.  Based on your requirements and need, coaching and consulting services will be available tailored to your organization.

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