Are you a World-Class Professional Project Manager?

Do you know what it takes to become an International PMP ?

Are you interested in becoming a freelance Project Management Consultant working in the booming market of Middle East?

You might have many opportunities where you live, however, since all the people around you have the same background, your chances to shine are probably very little.  In case you are looking to expand your opportunities and advance in your career, you should consider widening your target market and become an International Project Management Consultant.

Freelance PMP Consultants

The world is becoming a small village and some have the financial might and others have the expertise and to connect these two a Business-to-Business (B2B) is needed, and here at we are hoping to establish that ground for our freelance PMP consultants members.

However, you might have not considered this opportunity or realized this ability in you before.  Our members are here to help and equip you with the needed tools and knowledge to become an International Professional Project Manager.

Many believe that language barrier is the only obstacle in their way.  However, after a short visit to a Middle Eastern country for vacation with the family, they realize that most of Middle Eastern population is well educated in the International Speaking Language of the World, “English”!

As soon as they feel that the language is not a concern, they attempt to enter the market without any knowledge or understanding of the cultural differences and what we call Business Anthropology!

If you are a Project Management Professional (PMP) you are 80% ahead, since currently there are many Owners hiring Project Management Professionals as part of their staff to deal with Outsourced consultants.  However, having a certification alone won’t get you far.  Therefore, joining a network and organization similar to will help you find and collaborate with other PMs that are in your situation.

What are some of knowledge areas that you think Project Managers might need to be improved to become an International Project Management Professional?

Are there any sites or networks that you are currently a member of and discuss these topics?

Do you believe there is a Gap you can help to fill?

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