Strategic Project Management Expert in Iran-III

downloadAs it was discussed in the previous articles, in project management traditional view, triangle iron was considered as criteria to measure project success. But these days it is expected from project managers to be equipped with competency of strategic thinking in managing projects in a way that bring alignment between projects and organizational strategic objectives.

In the other words, role of project managers should override of just guaranteeing efficiency of project management process and they should broaden their view by seeing project success in meeting organizational business objectives.

Now the question is that how to get commitment from project managers and project team in a way that they continuously keep the importance of strategy in mind within the pathway of a project journey from start to finish point.

Seeking help from project managers in process of defining or reviewing organizational strategic objectives could be an effective solution to increase their buy-in role in managing project strategically. Stage gate review is one of the project management techniques being used at the end of each project phase to evaluate whether the project has met business need or reason the project has started for. This technique along with project manager leadership skill could be used to redirect project team and project manager from “just do it’” to “do it with strategic focus”.  These methods among too many different methods were mentioned to answer the question of previous paragraph.

At the end, it should be noted that strategy and strategic project management as two concepts with too much ambiguities around, are going to dominate and revolving project management knowledge in near future much beyond even the current studies has been done over these topics by now.

I do appreciate if you, the respected reader share your comments regarding this article with me.

Motahareh Sadaghiani, PMP








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