Shahr Aftab International Exhibition

Shahr Aftab International Exhibition will host all future Tehran’s Fairs, Trade Shows, Expos

Shahr-Aftab-Expo-TehranOnce the Shahr Aftab International Exhibition (also known as Sun City Expo) Complex in south of Tehran is completed, then all exhibitions will be held there, said Tehran Mayor Mohammd Baqer Qalibaf in a news conference on 28th of February.

Well the time has arrived, and the first exhibit to be held in the newly constructed Expo complex is the 29th Tehran International Book Fair on May 4 to 14, 2016.

Deputy Culture Minister for Cultural Affairs Seyyed Abbas Salehi who is also the president of the Tehran International Book Fair confirmed this news on May 2nd during a press conference held after a visit by journalists to the fairground.

“Russia is the guest country this year and is attending with large number of officials and writers, some of whom will arrive in Tehran today. Officials from the former guest countries of Oman and Italy will also attend the fair this year,” he asserted.

There are also several more officials, publishers and writers who will be visiting the fair coming from different countries such as Kuwait, Algeria, Germany, Spain and India, he concluded.

Shahr Aftab International Exhibition covers an area over 300,000 hectares of which the complex area is mentioned to be 138 hectares is in the vicinity of Imam Khomeini Mausoleum downtown Tehran.

It is promised that there will be good number of buses and taxis situated in major squares of the city which will carry the passengers to the fairground, while Tehran’s Metro Line 1 will also take passengers directly to the venue. The measure is aimed to reduce air pollution in the capital. members will be at the exhibition, so please don’t hesitate to learn more about services offered or contact us for any questions you may have.


Direction to Shahr Aftab International Exhibition

Persian Gulf Hwy., Opposite to Imam Khomeini Mausoleum, Next to Shahed University

Best way to get there is by the Underground Metro to Shahr Aftab Station.

آزاد راه خلیج فارس روبروی مرقد امام خمینی جنب دانشگاه شاهد

یا اتوبان شهید کاظمی، نرسیده به عوارضی تهران – قم، سمت راست، شهر آفتاب

با تغییر خط در ایستگاه‌های تقاطعی شبکه مترو تهران و ادامه مسیر به جنوب خط یک و از طریق ایستگاه مترو «شهر آفتاب»

بی آر ت:

مسیر اول: میدان صنعت، بزرگراه شهید فضل الله نوری، میدان آزادی، بزرگراه آیت الله سعیدی، بزرگراه خلیج فارس، نمایشگاه شهر آفتاب
مسیر دوم: میدان آزادی، بزرگراه آیت الله سعیدی، خلیج فارس، نمایشگاه شهرآفتاب
مسیر سوم: میدان رسالت، بزرگراه امام علی(ع)، خلیج فارس، نمایشگاه شهرآفتاب
مسیر چهارم: پایانه خاوران، بزرگراه آزادگان، خلیج فارس، نمایشگاه شهرآفتاب
مسیر پنجم: میدان راه آهن، خیابان دشت آزادگان، بلوار تندرویان، بزرگراه خلیج فارس، نمایشگاه شهر آفتاب
مسیر ششم: پایانه جنوب، بزرگراه بعثت، میدان بهمن، بزرگراه خلیج فارس، نمایشگاه شهرآفتاب


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