R&D Management Opportunities for PMP

What is R&D Management, why PMP Certified Managers are entering this field, and how PManagers.Org can help your organization in outsourcing these services?

What is R&D Management

research-and-Development-managementProject Management Professionals are capable of looking at every problem as a Project and try to find all the needed activities and risks involved in completing the tasks and achieving the objectives of the Project.  However, as the world is becoming smaller as a global village, Project Managers have to think bigger for better opportunities and more involvement in accomplishing more.  That’s is why many Project Management Professionals are entering the R&D Management field.  R&D Management is the discipline of designing and leading Research & Development processes, managing R&D organizations, and ensuring smooth transfer of new know-how and technology to other groups or departments involved in innovation.

R&D management involves creating and commercializing inventions, meeting task requirements of technology management and cover activities such as basic research, fundamental research, technology development, advanced development, concept development, new product development, process development, prototyping, R&D portfolio management, technology transfer, etc.

R&D Management for PMP

Traditionally, the role of the project manager has been to organize and develop a process, communicate that process, and implement it throughout that organization, today, project managers must have vision and good understanding of what’s going on in an organization to help in decision makings for future growth and development of their clients.

Some PMP are currently working in project management office and know how the profession has become less about leading teams through finite processes and more about leading with a global vision. Freelance Project Management Professionals working in R&D Management Departments must integrate corporate strategy, innovation, passion and leadership into the daily activities of their teams to be successful.

How can PManagers.Org help your organization?

To develop a R&D Management Department with international and global vision may introduce additional costs into the project that would not be perceived acceptable to many firms, that’s where Project Managers Organization Member’s play an important role in outsourcing these services and provide the help and assistance needed at a fraction of the cost.

Our research and development project management specialists expand their scope beyond organizing meetings, managing schedules and implementing risk analysis, they assume a far-reaching leadership role that stretches beyond their immediate team. This will require a level of communication and coordination that only a PMP certified and experienced project manager possess.

For companies interested to work globally and in new territories, Project Managers with R&D Management skills are the key to identify all the risks involved in such project and win over business cultural differences and communication obstacles.

More information can be found on the subject through R&D Management Journal.

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