Property Management Company in Iran

Introducing the most professional property management company in Iran that operates and manages properties to the world-class international standards

If you do a little search for a property management company in Iran you will find environmentalists and lawyers trying to give consulting services to property owners.  However, Property Management is much more than just municipal regulations and avoiding legal risks.  Facility Management or Property Management is an engineering and management branch of Construction Management knowledge.

Before 1996 and prior to publishing the first PMBOK and the invention of PMP certification of Project Management Institute, and prior to advancement in Industrial Engineering, whenever an idea needed implementation, Civil Engineers would have been called for the job.  That was because at the time, Civil Engineers had the best ability, knowledge, and experience in actual construction and creation of ideas from Plans and Drawings!

A branch of Civil Engineering turned to become Construction Engineering and Construction Management.  Construction Engineering handles the conductibility of ideas and architectural designs, where as Construction Management handles the Project Management and Coordination to get the job done.  Here is where Construction Management is elevated from During Construction and Creation of an end Product, to Facility Management where it would manage and coordinate work for operation and maintenance of the Product.

Facility Management and Property Management

As mentioned before in previous article in regards to Facility Management, many aspects of managing and directing long term and day-to-day operation and maintenance activities is handled by a professional project manager specialized in the field of Facility Management.  However, many lawyers, industrial engineers, and realtors think they can handle all the knowledge areas that are required to do the job.  In addition, the perspective is completely different.  A lawyer looks into risks and regulation only and handles all matters as if they will become a major legal battle.  However, a PMP certified Project Manager, handles the job differently in a way to manage all the stakeholders and their relation and requirement with all the different aspects and perspectives of the job, by coordinating the specialists needed to handle each area, therefore, getting the job done faster, cheaper and with better quality to better meet client’s requirements and needs.


Best Property Management Company in Iran

Although the subject of Facility Management and property management is a fairly new subject all over the world, and it is usually handled by On-Staff and In-house engineering departments.  There are few property management companies that have commercialized and outsourced these services to large facilities such as schools, hospitals, embassies and institutes around the world.  Pmanagers.Org is proud to introduce the best Property Management Company in Iran handling the job according to PMBOK and ISO standards via Project Management Perspective.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us and receive more information on the subject.

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