Project Managers Organization for PMP in Iran

Project Managers Organization (PMO) is a portal for Project Managers dedicated to collaboration and cooperation as PMP in Iran

Pmanagers-Project-Managers-OrganizationThere are many professional organizations in every field, and there are many Project Management Organizations and local PMI chapters all around the world.  However, PMP in Iran is a new concept and there is no Iranian chapter to collect them together.  Therefore, Project Managers Organization was formed to gather PMP in Iran in one organization.  Members of Project Managers Organization are handpicked and screened through a selection process, based on their professional successes and capabilities to enhance the Organization.  They are multilingual, multi-cultural, poly-technical, and team-player professionals, who offer their help and opportunities to each other for better cooperation and collaboration.


Project Managers Organizations Membership offers the following services to its members:

Jobs and Project Opportunities for PMP in Iran

Project Managers Organization helps members find jobs or offers job opportunities that other members may be offering.  PMO will also provide an opportunity for employers to find freelance consultant or professionals willing to work in Global and International settings. for Mentoring

Mentoring is the cornerstone of Project Managers Organization.  Some may never get in the room with someone at the top of their professional field, for a very long time. But Project Managers Organization has the ability to pair new comers with someone much more experienced in a friendly and cooperative environment. for Professional Development

With the help of PMP Iran, Project Managers Organization offers professional development courses, workshops, publications, and information on their website shared only with members. PMO also keeps members up to date on industry trends and how to deal with them. Pmanagers.Org offers news and print coverage of their annual conferences, which is an excellent opportunity to gain education and experience.

Networking for PMP in Iran

With the help of new technology and social networks, Project Managers Organization takes advantage of the opportunity and connects professional in a B2B environment.  The world has become a global village and companies are finding new opportunity in new territories where their expertise is much needed outside their local competitive market.  Many of our members are multilingual, multi-cultural, poly-technical, and team-player professionals that receive information on good projects that need special expertise that our members possess and offer as help and cooperation opportunity to each other.

Currently, has a successful run in Iran.   If your company is interested to know about these opportunities or you have similar opportunities in your area, please don’t hesitate to contact us and offer information to cooperate with some of our members.

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