Project Management Trend for the Future

Social Networking is the main focus of Professional Project Management Trend for the future B2B opportunities


Project-Management-TrendAs project managers we understand that Project Management requires a team of stakeholder and executives collaborating together for the success of a project.  In recent years, the main focus of Information Technology Professionals were to create custom-made project management software, On-the-job training applications, innovative project tools and smarter resource management apps that are essential for driving the greatest business impact, but the Project Management Trend of the future is moving towards Social Networking.  Project Managers know that the key to “project success” is not only determined by parameters such as scope, time, cost and quality, anymore.   Communication and Collaboration have great impact on obtaining stakeholder satisfaction which guarantees success of the project and success of a Project Management Professional.  That’s why we believe that the Project Management trend for the future will focus on social networks and ways to expand the B2B opportunities for the PMPs.

Social Networks are the Project Management Trend of the Future, because they:

  1. help to recognize and identify potential candidates for jobs opening and business opportunities
  2. help project management team to collaborate and gather members in a specific contained environment
  3. create a setting and environment for learning transfer between friends and colleagues
  4. create an Agile “hybrid” hyper-collaborative approach in areas such as planning and Team communication
  5. Smarter project investments will require a stronger bond between project management and business process management
  6. effectiveness on business results will require expansion on B2B networks and seeking better business opportunities
  7. Good project managers will avoid unemployment since good project managers are hard to find but easier to identify in Social Networks
  8. Client-centric project management the value the project delivers to the organisation
  9. HR professionals will seek assessments to identify high-potential project managers
  10. expand partnerships and cooperation of like-minded professionals and friends.
You can find further benefits of social networking for business from Australian Government Business Site.It is time to think “out of the box”!  A PMP has to always seek for the next big Project Management Trend. If you don’t see how this relates to you as a Project Management Professional, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me,  I will explain to you how a PMP can expand his or her opportunities by collaborating and communicating with like-minded professionals and friends in a Social Network setting.

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