Project Management Tools for Freelance Consultants Online and Free Apps and Resources

Project Management Tools for Freelance Consultants Online and Free Apps and Resources

There are so many different Project Management Tools for Freelance Consultants, both for the design / development side of the business, online marketing, and Business-to-Business. However, it’s very difficult to find one tool that fits all and there might be a need to use several tools at the same time to better utilize the different options. So, to you learn more about apps and resources that would help to improve productivity and efficiency, we will discuss only key features needed and let you decide.

Using more advanced Project Management Tools for Freelance Consultants that are highly customizable will improve processes and helps to significantly improve efficiency and output, which ultimately will save you money.

Key things to consider when selecting Project Management Tools for Freelance Consultants


>> Usability – User friendly interface
>> Flexibility – integration and interaction with other tools
>> Scalability – features needed for small or larger projects

Our experience has shown that it is important for the tool to have fast data entry as well as flexibility in the output with different file formats and compatibility, have easy to add estimates and story boards features for planning, time tracking for overall project and team members spent time on tasks, and finally scheduled and routine backup of the work performed on the app or resource.

As said there are many Project Management Tools for Freelance Consultants and there are so many review blogs and posts on the subject that you might come across, however, the best that we have found is the Zintro Blog on the subject matter:  50 Project Management Tools for Freelance Consultants

We are just going to mention few of our favorites from the list of 50 apps:


Harvest (time tracking, invoicing, expenses)


Harvest is primarily a time management tool, which is used by large and small agencies around the world. In addition to it’s standard time tracking features, it also allows users to send invoices, create reports and much more.


  • The mobile and desktop apps
  • The reporting views and features (great for managing time on projects, individual people’s time and retainers)
  • Quick and easy invoicing
  • Team functionality (managers etc)
  • Manage expenses (all expenses are managed in the same way as time)


Toms Planner (scheduling)

TomsPlannerToms Planner is an online gantt chart tool that we use for scheduling both development and online marketing work. We have a password protected static URL that acts as a centralized resource for people wanting to know which client / project they’re working on and when.

Toms Planner is really easy to use (drag and drop functionality) and has colour-coding options for different clients and you can also create different charts for different teams or projects.


OnTimeNow (project management, time tracking, scheduling)

ontimenowOnTimeNow is an agile project management tool that is for web developers. We started using OnTimeNow a couple of months ago, following a session where we tested lots of different tools. We’ve been really pleased with it and it’s helped us to manage projects more effectively.


  • Caters for release management
  • Calculates project velocity and burndowns
  • Great for scheduling and predicting completion
  • Easy to review individual performance


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