Project Management Professional Consultant, Do we need it?

Exploring why and when to hire a Project Management Professional Consultant

Many firms and businesses hire a project manager as soon as they realize there is a project that could generate income for them.  However, they lack the understanding of why and when to hire a consultant.  They believe, since they are well staffed, there is no need to have a Project Management Professional Consultant on board.  In this article, we will explore some of benefits of having an outsourced consultant on the team.

Project Management Professional Consultant

Many of us project management professional consultants know that human relation and communication is the main cause of success or failure of projects.  When scope and objectives of a project are not well defined, or there are competing requirements from different stakeholders, coming up with a fair resolution of dispute and facilitating the resolution of competing requirement is a difficult task.  Hiring a Project Management Professional Consultant will greatly benefit a project team, since they have the least history and attachment with the team members, comments and suggestions are not a matter of self-serving and self-interest view-points, but a well-paid professional consultant has only one goal in mind, to serve the client in the most professional and sophisticated way possible!

Another reason an outside Project Management Professional Consultant would help is that he is an outsider.  Usually, he knows less of the problems and conflicts in an organization, but he knows what is best! He has a different view-point and he can think “out of the box” much easier.  He has fresh new ideas and suggestions that other team members could not think of.  Consultants are more creative and have an open-eye and wider vision of open-mind than most routine daily workers and staff on the team.  They are better educated with newly topics and techniques and have more experience, since they have been on more variant projects than full-time members of the team.  They have better suggestions on Benchmarking since they have worked with more companies of the same or similar industries.  They can serve as observes on job shadowing.  Most importantly, they can serve as a good facilitator on Group Decision Making sessions to solicit input and balance requirements from different stakeholders in unanimous or consensus or plurality technique settings to prioritize stakeholder’s requirements, and resolve their conflict and differences either as an expert Dictator, or in a Delphi Technique setting.

Have you ever thought of these reasons before hiring a Project Management Professional Consultant?

Have you considered hiring a PMP Consultant, but didn’t know why?

Are you interested in hiring a PMP Consultant, but don’t know how?

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