Project Management in Iran

Project Management in Iran is very traditional and is not based on Global and International Standards

project-management-in-IranCurrently, there are less than 800 PMP Project Management Professionals in Iran that understand the Project Management in Term of PMBOK standards.  Out of these 800 people, less than half have work experience in the field of Project Management and most of them just have studied to pass the PMP Exam for certification.  Companies looking for freelance consultants and part-time employees to help in their endeavor in Iran, should be very careful in selecting a Professional Project Management in Iran that has experience working with International and Global Standards.


Project Management in Iran has set up the best portal for PMP certified members to join and present their capabilities to companies interested in services for Project Management in Iran.  As previously presented in Project Managers Organization for PMP B2B article, members of Project Managers Organization are handpicked and screened through a selection process, based on their professional successes and capabilities to enhance the Organization.  They are multilingual, multi-cultural, poly-technical, and team-player professionals, who offer their help and opportunities to each other for better cooperation and collaboration.

Companies looking to work in Iran should consider having a Partner for Project Management in Iran as mentioned in the article titled: Where to find an Iranian PMP partner?!

Better yet, they can hire a group of Project Management Professionals as a outsourced PMO as mentioned in the Iranian Project Management Office article.  As mentioned in that article, The Iranian Project Management Office (PMO) centralizes and standardizes the management of projects performed by foreign companies in Iran.  Instead of each company establishing such an office and hiring full staff personnel to perform these redundant tasks, outsourcing Project Management Professional Services is a better way to save money and effort of companies trying to establish an office in a new territory, especially in a market such as Iran, where there is a lack of Project Management Professionals who will communicate and collaborate with foreign companies on World-Class International Standards.

Finally, if none of above recommendation work for you, you should really consider hiring freelance consultant who is aware of Iran’s Business Culture to help you in your endeavor and improve your chances of success in Iran.


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