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Project Management Apps Ranked by GetRank from GetApp are presented in an interesting article by Samad Aidane that every project manager should read




GetApp, a website offering comparisons of different apps in different industries, just released a new report on 2016’s Top 25 Project Management Apps Ranked.





Factors Project Management Apps Ranked

The ranking factors that were used for Project Management Apps Ranked reviews are:

  • Integration
    • App integration with other software
  • Mobile Availability
    • Presence of an iOS and Android app in the App Store and Google play
  • Media Presence
    • Number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans
  • Security
    • Derived from the Cloud Security Alliance’s Self-Assessment form

These factors are known to be important for businesses when making a first assessment of a piece of software. Knowing how others think about the app (reviews), how well it connects with other software that they’re already using (integration), if it’s available for their mobile device (mobile availability), how ‘known’ the company is (media presence), and whether or not their company’s data would be safe in this company’s hands (security) are good starting point Project Management Apps Ranked process.

Project Management Apps Ranked 2016

Project management involves contributions from a variety of different departments performing for various parts of the project. Integration capabilities with those departments and the specific software they use will expedite processes and eliminate duplicated work.  For example, time-tracking apps are integrated with billing and invoicing solution. Collaboration or sharing documents among members, are now cloud-based and access cloud storage services like Dropbox or communication tools like Slack to enhance collaboration.

As Pmanagers.Org has forecast, in 2016, the landscape of PM App is continually expanding, and it’s becoming a more popular form of project management delivery. Although a recent study found that about 60% of project managers are still using manual methods, such as pen and paper or tedious spreadsheets, the growth in software use is rising in fast rate. This means that Project Management Apps Ranked earlier will become more popular in future and that more than half of PMs who are still doing things with time consuming and laborious processes, which are prone to human error, are potential customers to these apps, good news for app developers. In 2016 the number of PMs adopting software is on the rise, with a 14% increase over the previous year.

Why Project Management Apps Ranked are important to PMP?

Project managers have started to see the value of using apps to help them organize, streamline, and increase transparency on projects. Project Management Professionals PMP are looking first and foremost, for Automation, specially that these factors are most important in Communications, and as all good PMP know, 90% of a PMP work is Communication.  PMP want to be able to free themselves up from time-consuming tasks and spend that new-found time to get more jobs. Automation leads to increased organization, which is an especially important motivator for project managers, and with systems in place to discern project maturity, organize tasks, and assign importance to items, PMs have the potential to see huge positive impacts on their business.


You may read the complete article from Samad’s Blog on Guerrilla Project Management website.

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