Project Management approach for Business to Business

Project Management approach for business to business is the key for better business networking

Project Management approach for BusinessMany think of Project Management as an engineering and construction field related matter.  However, as many Project Managers know, that any intend that will require initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling to successfully close and reach objectives will be considered a project.  If you consider broadening your opportunities in a business to business setting, you have to have a common ground of understanding.  At Pmanagers.Org we believe that Project Management approach for business to business is the key for better business networking and we will show you how.

If you intend a partnership, an investment, or collaboration with others, let it be for monetary gains, to improve relations, popularity or for sake of social responsibility, you will need to have a plan- do- check and act approach in a continuous fashion in order to successfully implement and turn your intent into action and result.  Although PMI definition insist on adding the “temporary” attribute to the endeavor, our life itself is a project, since we are here on earth for a temporary time and no one is getting out alive.  We mentioned how management skills are applied to social or work life as part of the “Seven Habits of Effective People” article, in the future we will explore more of the practical situation where these skills will help you improve your life.

PMP Business to Business

If you are professional in any field, by now you know that obtaining a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) how will improve your business management skills.  Since all business administration topics are generally applicable to any field and further education in your specialized industry will sharpen your saw!

Unfortunately, many are still unaware of Project Management Professional PMP certification that is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) that improves project management skills for professionals in any field.  Let it be that you are in the Real Estate, Marketing, Accounting, Legal or Technological industry specialist, a PMP certification guarantees that you understand generally accepted management definitions and processes and you have a common project management approach for business with your counterparts.

If you are interested in expanding your horizon and business opportunities, you should consider a PMP certification or at least some education in the field, in order to have a common language and culture with your management peers and colleagues.

Pmanagers.Org Collaboration on PMP B2B

Project Managers Organization is the pioneer in creating a social network of Project Management Professionals to explore and expand PMP B2B possibilities on a Win-Win basis.  Understanding the needs and wants of both sides, PMO will resolve and reach a compromised solution to every partnership project acting as a communication and collaboration bridge for Western Companies interested in working in Middle East.   Our help will include creating an environment of understating the different business cultures, anthropological considerations, resolving communication barriers, consultation on Legal and Regulations, financial and investment assistance as a consultant or even partner in the project.

Our network consist of professional Project Managers, Engineers, Construction Managers, Attorneys, Accountants, Marketing Consultants, and Real Estate Advisers.

Don’t you agree that a Project Management approach for business will ease collaborate among all business people in the future?


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