Project Iran Exhibition

Project Iran Exhibition is an opportunity for International Construction Companies to participate in partnership and business-to-business cooperation with Iranian Companies

It is that time of the year and the Iran Project Exhibit is less than Ten days away.   If you have not already heard about the Project Iran Exhibition for April 25-28, 2018 you should visit their site for more information and try to attend this big and important event.  Click here to access their website for more information.

First Time Opportunities for First Time Comers to the Market

Project-Iran-ExhibitionCompanies that took a strategic choice to venture into the opening Iranian market and participated in the first edition of Project Iran have made a winning bet. With more and more international firms keen to take advantage of the situation making plans to target Iran’s construction market, Project Iran provides you with the a head start in the race to the numerous opportunities in Iran’s construction sector and projects’ market.

  • Acquire hands-on knowledge about the Iranian construction market and the challenges and opportunities it presents
  • Meet new prospective buyers and suppliers and present your new products to existing clients
  • Network with the country’s top construction companies and decision makers
  • The number of ongoing mega-projects means that many multinational firms have the chance to establish a presence in the country
  • Iran’s strategic geographical location in the region allows it to cater to the entire region
  • Increasing private investment provides opportunities for large foreign contractors to increase their involvement in the country
  • Iran remains a ‘construction safe heaven’ amid both wider political and financial turmoil in the region

Iran Business Opportunities

The Last Untapped Grand Market in the World

The past 10 years have seen global investors reach into previously untapped markets looking for new opportunities, and today the time has come for a new market to take the spot. According to many international experts and prominent economists, Iran represents the last such opportunity globally. With ample natural resources, a diversified economy, a skilled young workforce and rising demand across all sectors, post-sanctions Iran will dramatically change the global economy by unlocking one of the world’s last untapped markets for new business.

Why Visit

Visit Project Iran 2016 and benefit from a unique professional experience:

  • Gain access to local market dynamics, investors, and niche providers that enhance product offerings
  • Benefit from a unique opportunity to come face-to-face with local market makers in both the private and public spheres
  • Meet new international manufacturers and suppliers who come of the first time to Iran
  • Keep abreast of the latest industry and market developments
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of planned and current construction projects being carried out in the country

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