Project Iran Exhibition 2018

Project Iran Exhibition 2018 is the best opportunity for Foreign Companies to find Iranian Partners to complete their Supply Chain

Project Iran Exhibition 2018 is approaching very fast and the thought brings several issues to mind.  There are Iranian many firms interested in Exporting their Technical know-how, however, their ability to compete in the international arena is limited.  In a new trend, Iranian Firms have learned that it is best to elevate their management to receive offers from International and Global companies to be part of their supply chain management plan.   However, working with every Iranian firm that claims to have an International Department is a danger.

Project Iran Radio Interview

Project-Iran-Exhibition-OpportunitiesIn a recent interview made by the Economics Radio of IRIB, Dr. Hani Emari, PMP, has made few points in this regards for the Iranian business entrepreneur audience to understand the needed vision and skills to enter the Global Village Supply Chain Management.  The main points made by Dr. Emari were that the Iranian Firms must learn the Business Culture differences and several Soft Management Skill needed to have a common language and understanding with their foreign counterparts.  Unfortunately, Foreign Firms may find that during the Project Iran Exhibition 2018, many Iranian International Project Managers are actually good tour leaders that have taken the position due to their foreign language know-how, and have the least amount of Project Management and Business Administration skills needed for the job.

Project Iran Exhibition 2018 Opportunities

As mentioned in the previous article, there hare many opportunities to take advantage of in the upcoming Project Iran Exhibition 2018, however, if Foreign Firms don’t realize the pitfalls, they may not receive all of the benefits.  At Project Managers Organization, we have the experts and professionals to deal with International cases of different industries and natures.  Don’t hesitate to contact any of our members or send us an email to send you a package of information on the services we provide.

Hope to see you at the Project Iran Exhibition 2018



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