PMP Related Exhibitions News February 2016

PMP Related Exhibitions News for Month of February 2016

It’s important for PMs to participate in PMP Related Exhibitions. As PMs we perform many management processes and procedures that would benefit many industries.  Many believe that Projects are only Construction and Engineering Related, however, any set of tasks and activities that need planning, executing, Monitoring and Controlling to achieve a set of objectives for it’s stakeholders would constitute as a project.

As an International Project Manager, we should update ourselves of opportunities around us and see how we can apply our expertise, skills and knowledge to benefit ourselves and others.

Many companies looking to offer their products are interested to establish new business relations and expand their markets.  It’s best if this is done in a project setting, where all objectives and all risks pertaining to achieving it are considered thoroughly.

Here are some of PMP Related Exhibitions happening in Tehran, Iran:

7th International Exhibition of Wood Industries Machinery

From 2016/1/31 To 2016/2/3


9th International Exhibition of Tourism & Related Industry

2016/2/16 To 2016/2/19

5th Amusement Centers, parks, Technology & Equipment

2016/2/16 To 2016/2/19

3rd International  Exhibition of Information Technology and

2016/2/16 To 2016/2/19

3 th International Real State(AMLAK EXPO)

From 2016/2/23 To 2016/2/26

15th International  Environment Exhibition (IRAN ENVIRO 2016)

2016/2/29 To 2016/3/3

8th International  Exhibition of Renewable Energy

2016/2/29 To 2016/3/3


If you are attending one of these Exhibits, consider consulting a us for assistance and services we offer. Let us know of Exhibitions in Your area…. Leave a comment!

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