PMP business presentation

Use available online tools for a PMP business presentation that would win you clients as an agile professional

PMP-business-presentationAs Project Management Professionals we have to market our services to present our capabilities and sell our services.  PMP business presentation is a topic less discussed, since everyone is focused on teaching PMP concepts and less people are aware of services offered by Project Management Professionals as consultants to Companies and Organizations.

PMP Business Presentation Tools

Here we are introducing  LinkedIn SlideShare as a tool for PMP Business Presentation.   SlideShare is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service that allows its users to upload files in PowerPoint, PDF, OpenDocument, and other presentations formats that can be viewed later as Slide decks on the site, mobile devices or embedded onto other sites.  The benefit of using this service is that it facilitates and eases sharing with your contacts and the public, while protecting your contents and avoids  unauthorized copying and distribution of presentation files. 

Example of PMP Presentation a free learning slide show

Another service for Business Presenters is a site called ESlide, which is also a good service and business tool for your future presentations.

Here are some good links on how to prepare your PMP Business Presentation

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