Middle East Top EPC Contractors

Middle East Top EPC Contractors Are Needed

Epc-opportunitiesMiddle East Top EPC Contractors are attracted to this region because of its known high oil and gas resources.   These resources are controlled by local governments; therefore, majority of Design-Bid-build projects in this region are related to Oil and Gas Industry.  However, there are many other opportunities in infrastructure construction such as Road and Bridges, Airports, Hospitals, Schools and Coast related construction and projects that are being ignored by large international contractors.

Create your own EPC Project Opportunity

There could be many opportunities in the form of Design-Bid-Build, however, the competition is high.  On the other hand, investment companies can join contractors to create their own EPC and Joint Venture projects that would be lucrative to Middle Eastern local governments and result in a contract for the EPC partnership.

New Partnership Opportunities in Iran

Although western engineering companies have been around the southern side of the Persian Gulf for some decades,  Iran is considered to be fertile virgin land of opportunity for western companies.  New opportunities and possibilities in Iran after the lifting of the embargo are so great that they cannot be ignored by the Middle East Top EPC contractors.

PMP B2B Opportunity

As a project management professional looking for business to business opportunities, if you are part of an international engineering or construction company that is looking for new projects, here is your opportunity to shine.  You know that it has become very hard to be competitive in today’s market and new projects to bid on have become highly competitive to win, so you should offer an EPC partnership proposal to your sponsors.  We have offered in our site examples of such projects and there are many more opportunities, so contact us for more information and possible new project partnerships.

Can you think of any cooperation and partnership suitable for this opportunity?

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    […] to close, will be a project for a company to consider PMP Management Consultants Benefit.  Middle East and more significantly Iran, is currently the market for many western companies, but not many […]

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