Maygoon Hotel Investment Opportunity in Iran

Maygoon Hotel Investment Opportunity in Iran is being introduced to foreign investors for International Hotel Brand in Iran

Based on the decision made by the presidential Representatives of Islamic Republic of Iran, it was decided to equally transmit Iranian Touring and Tourism organization, and Government Ownership over properties, rights, commitments, establishments, equipment, lands, and residential accommodation to the Iranian Pension Fund and Social Health Organization.  To achieve this goal the Iranian Touring and Tourism Investment Company was established.



The ITTIC owns over 160 properties all over Iran with strategic locations for Tourist Attractions of Iran. Currently, feasibility studies have been performed on some of these properties and eight of the best locations are offered as one package to a foreign Hotel Developers with the best Build-Operate-Transfer BOT contract proposal.

Project Managers Organization team is proud to offer its services and consultation to Hotel Developers interested in investment and operation in Iran.  In the following few posts, we will introduce these eight project.  PMO is in the process of forming teams of Investors, Contractors, Architects, and Hotel Operators to provide the best proposal for ITTIC that would assure winning the contract and result in profitability for the Joint Venture formed in Iran.


Maygoon Hotel Investment Opportunity in Iran



Location: KM 35 North East of Tehran

Condition: Wonderful landscapes in different seasons of the year. The area is under construction and expansion including guest house (3260 m2), resturant (2860 m2), Villas with 12 suites (960 m2)
Total Area: 76400 m2

Future Expansions and Company Aims:
Following items are considered in addition to completion and revising architecture of the above items:
a) New 70 beds Hotel 7000 m2
b) 106 Villas and 25 Cottages 14000 m2
c) Apartments 3000 m2
d) Resturant, Coffee shop and Tea house 3600 m2
e) Commercial Area and Multipurpose Stores 1120 m2
f) Entertainment and Sport Area 1600 m2


Currently, concept design for above expansion aims have been developed to perform Feasibility Studies and obtain permits.  The Joint Venture Team will have the opportunity to improve on these designs and plans to maximize profitability.  The owner has a site dedicated to this project in Farsi.





If you know of any companies interested in this opportunity or other Hotel Investment Opportunity in Iran, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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