Management Consultant Firm in Iran

What is expected from a Management Consultant Firm in Iran, and is there a PM Consultant who understands the way International Companies do Business?

management consultant firm in iranIranian Firms have been cut off from International Relations close to half a century.  The Shia belief has taught them to be independent and self-sufficient.  The international sanctions helped them to learn new ways of getting to their goals and needs that is not main stream and common in other parts of the world.  In addition, they are constantly fed with the thought that they are perfect and no one does it better.  Which makes it difficult for an International investor to find a Management Consultant Firm in Iran that would understand the basic business etiquette and procedures.

Part of Business Culture and Anthropology discussion of previous posts, here we will explore what is expected from a Management Consultant Firm in Iran.  Although we have no recommendation on a particular firm, however, we do have connection with freelance Project Management Consultants, who have worked in both settings and could abridge communication and relation between the two worlds.

Three main categories of Management Consultant Firm in Iran

  • Category 1: A firm that is somehow associated to the market but have not been there for the past decade and thus cannot really claim to understand local business structures and behavior
  • Category 2: A firm that have been in the market for the past decade but do not have ties to the outside and cannot really claim to understand international business and customs
  • Category 3: A firm that have been in the market for the past decade and have up kept ties with the outside, both from a business and cultural aspect, however has developed in-house culture for doing business and has little tolerance and flexibility accepting new ideas from a foreign partner

That is why we do not recommend working with a firm directly, and highly advise our clients to have a business culture consultant with Project Management Professional Certification to establish proper stakeholder communication relation and warn each party of their wrong doing and guide them through successful completion of the joint project.

Checklist of Selecting a Management Consultant Firm in Iran

  • Does the consultant understands your intent, scope of work for your business endeavor?
  • Are they so professional as to document all agreed steps in writing, which will eventually end as a written proposal that clearly outlines the steps required to achieve the desired goals and objectives?
  • Are there professional references, and recommendation from other foreign companies and not just a nice collection of pictures and logos?
  • How well do they know the Iranian Market and how active are they in International Markets?
  • Is your consultant fair and unbiased to tell you of all opportunities and threats, or they just happy to have an International client to show off to their competitors?

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