LPM Legal PMP in Iran

Legal PMP services in Iran for the first time for Agile International Firms interested in entering Iran’s Post-Sanction Market

Legal-PMP-IranLPM or Legal PMP is a new subject in the field of Management and many that have found PMI-ism to be a proper and best way to manage turning any idea to actual completed objective, have turned to PMBOK for guidelines of how to improve their legal management. Although it has been a fairly new subject in United States, Pmanagers.Org is proud to announce that it has acquired the professional members thinking in PMI fashion to offer LPM Legal PMP services in Iran for the first time.

What is Legal PMP?

We have discussed Legal Project Management approach to legal matters in previous article.  However, as a refresher, as we mentioned before, any idea turned to action to achieve certain objectives within some constraints within a temporary time frame could be thought of and treated as a project.  Experienced and Knowledgeable Legal advisers and lawyers that have seen benefits of PMP approach of getting things done, utilize PMBOK guidelines to avoid conflict, manage stakeholders, plan for procurement, write better contracts, help the team foresee risks and opportunities, and offer better advice based on actual project needs ahead of long expensive legal battles.

What are the Legal PMP Iran Services?

Many foreign companies interested in entering the Iran Post-Sanction Market have difficult time with Iran’s confusing and poor legal and administrative  regulations and methodology.  As mentioned before, partnering with a strong Iranian firm will ease much of the effort, however, avoiding future problems along the way with the Iranian Partner is also a matter than needs to be looked at carefully.  Therefore, a Legal PMP Iran consultant from Pmanagers.Org will definitely be beneficial for both sides as it will plan, execute, control and monitor the partnership and work activities with a Legal Project Management perspective for better performance and satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Here is a list of LPM Services offered:

  • Partnerships Initiation and Planing
  • Contract Negotiation and Consultation
  • Risk Assessment and Opportunity Advice
  • Registration and Trademark Services
  • Marketing and Branding Services
  • Conflict Resolution and Arbitration
  • Interpretation and Translation Services
  • Agile Techniques for Troubled Projects


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