Local Partner to take advantage of Iran’s Market Opportunities

Companies need local partner to take advantage of Iran’s Market Opportunities and Pmanagers.Org members are here to help

Partner-taking-advantage-of-Iran-MarketIn my experience to establish a subsidiary company in Oman and taking advantage of opportunities in Algeria by participating in construction bids, I have found that having a professional local partner is very important to ease the process and get the job done.   However, finding these professional local partners was very difficult, since anyone who could speak a bit English claimed to be a foreign relation expert and a management consultant to our company.  International companies need a professional local partner to take advantage of Iran’s Market Opportunities, but how are they able to distinguish the best professional consultant for the job?

Project Management Professional View on Partnership

Pmanagers.Org has a different view from other firms claiming to establish a working relation between two foreign companies.  Many Finance and Accounting consultants, Tax and Legal consultants, Marketing and Sale consultants, and even Realtor and Real Estate consultants claim to have the expertise to bring two companies into a cohesive working team for a new territory.  However, everyone knows that to construct any idea from paper to actual is only a Construction Manager’s job.  That’s because once all the components have been planned and studied, a construction manager has the ability and know-how to analyse the constructability of the plan and put the team together to coordinate the work and get the job done.  This knowledge has been transferred to others as Project Management Professionalism and is being used for any type of project that needs to turn plans to actual obtainable objectives.  Pmanagers.Org members are Project Management Professionals with different backgrounds in Civil and Construction Engineering, Industrial and Information Technology, Legal and Tax Attorneys, and Business and Marketing consultants.  However, all work as a cohesive team to bring services for companies looking for local partner to take advantage of Iran’s Market Opportunities, with a different perspective.  They all are PMP experts with project management professional view on partnership.



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  1. August 14, 2016

    […] Iranian firm will ease much of the effort, however, avoiding future problems along the way with the Iranian Partner is also a matter than needs to be looked at carefully.  Therefore, a Legal PMP Iran consultant […]

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