Legal Project Management

Legal Project Management is the application of project management concepts to the control and management of legal cases or related issues.

Legal-Project-ManagementFollowing our discussion on how Project Managers can help other industries and professions, here we introduce a new cooperation field between Project Managers and Lawyers.  Project Managers can help lawyers to apply the mechanics and business of providing legal services rather than to the substantive legal work itself.   Law firms working to offer alternative fee arrangements such as fixed or flat fees, cost limits, and success bonuses to their customers use Project Management Professionals to assist and consult in these projects. Because such cases require management of schedule, cost, and risk in a more rigorous and measured manner than law firms have practiced in the past, utilizing assistance from a PMP will improve results and customer satisfaction.

Why should you consider Legal Project Management?

Legal Project Management is becoming popular with law departments and firms using hourly billing, since customers are looking for their lawyers to be more efficient in the delivery of legal services.  Because customer’s legal budgets are shrinking therefore, they maintain tighter cost control.   Long legal battles is an old story that every client doesn’t want to be, so finishing on time and reasonable time table is a must.  Customers won’t work with any lawyer unless their business needs is met as well as their legal needs.

Concepts of Project Management will help lawyers to do more with less while controlling and reducing project risks.  The emerging field of Legal Project Management offers a powerful new approach that respects the way attorneys work, enhancing their success by playing to their strengths and is based on tasks they’re already doing.

Still not convienced, here is an interesting article why should Lawyers be Project Managers?

Legal Project Management Consulting Service

Need to attract more business and better clients?  Do you need to make better decisions and provide accurate information about cost, deadlines, and risks to satisfy your customers?  Will you be attracting more clients if you show them that you know how to control their legal costs?

Whether you’re in a law firm or in-house legal department, it’s time to take advantage of a Project Management Consultant to apply Legal Project Management in your organization.

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