LEED Green Network

LEED Green Network is a new initiative to gather like-minded environmentally-conscious individuals together

LEED Green Network is a network of LEED Associate Professionals or Green Associate candidates striving to make their design, construction and operation more sustainable with Green Building mentality.

What is LEED Green Facility?

LEED Green Facility is a process of LEED Green Network efforts that encompass planning, design, construction, operations and ultimately end-of-life recycling or renewal of facilities. Sustainability through LEED Green Network is not a one-time treatment or Product. Instead, it is a fully integrated approach to sustainable design that addresses environmental, financials, and occupant satisfaction issues.

LEED Green Network Mission

LEED Green Network consists of companies and individuals that create sustainable facilities that are environmentally responsible, healthful, just, equitable and profitable. They help each other to find solutions that support quality of life for all and next generations. LEED Green Network consists of the following major departments:

a) LEED Green Network: Articles, Research, and Information about LEED Certification and new Green Building innovations, discussions, products, services, and solutions

b) Facilities.Solutions: Articles, Research, and Information about Facility Management to design, operate and convert facilities to Green Building with new technology, innovations, services, and solutions

c) ibac-solutions: Articles, Research, and Information about Business Administration needed to manage a business of engineering with the latest Business Intelligence innovations, services, and solutions

b) PManagers.Org: Articles, Research, and Information about Project Management Professional mentality required to take any great idea from concept to implementation with the latest Project Management methodology, services, and solutions

Join LEED Green Network

LEED Green Network will be a non-profit organization to offer services and solutions to individuals and companies interested in LEED Certification and creating sustainable Green Buildings and Facilities.  Please don’t hesitate to join this Network, there is no membership cost nor strict eligibility requirements.  You may join our discussions and efforts by sharing your thought at our Network Forum

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