LEED and BREEAM in Iran

LEED and BREEAM in Iran

Sustainable Facility Management in IranSustainable Facility Management in Iran is not a new subject and has been around for many centuries.  However, it was never organized and advertised as a concept and school of thought.  Many sustainable design and construction best practices encouraged by LEED or BREEAM have already been implemented in Iranian Architecture and City Developments.  It is unfortunate to see that Iran is lagging behind in setting the standards for Facility Management techniques and offering its know-how.  There has been some effort to adapt some of these best practices in Iran’s Building Code Standards, however, there has been many deficiencies.

LEED or BREEAM in Building Sector of Iran

Since Building sector is responsible for consuming nearly 40 percent of the total primary energy in Iran, there has been efforts to diminish the amount of energy utilization by use of Building Code regulations. In early 90s, Iranian Ministry of Housing and Urbanism released the first version of building codes under the appellation of Code 19. Although these codes address the importance of energy saving in building, they are deemed to be ineffective in fully mitigating the energy consumption in building sector.  There has been attempts to benchmark the two most widely-used sustainable assessment tools, LEED and BREEAM, against Code 19 in order to underline their strengths in dealing with the energy utilization and environmental issues of building sector. There are many differences in Code 19 implementation and use of LEED and BREEAM in Iran in their approaches toward sustainable built environment, and energy usage in building sector, however these differences are classified into five categories:

  • environmental concerns
  • energy optimization
  • waste management
  • indoor air quality, and
  • innovation

The interesting and helpful study performed by Omrany and Marsono; has set forth some recommendations which can be potentially considered for the future improvements of Code 19.

LEED or BREEAM Specialists in Iran

Due to highly bad habits of energy consumption and fast growing population in Iran, failure in improving the building sustainability and optimizing the energy efficiency will result in increasing the buildings’ share in consuming the national energy.  Facility Management in Iran has just become a topic of interest and the University of Tehran has just started this Department in Fall of 2017.  If the subject of Facility Management in Iran starts with the correct approach to Environmental and Energy consideration, and institutes could develop programs to train more LEED or BREEAM Specialists in Iran, there might be some hope for the future of Sustainable Facility Management in Iran.

LEED or BREEAM Presence in Iran

The unfortunate status of LEED or BREEAM presence in Iran due to considerations for Iranian’s Government’s International Relations has caused the Iranian Design and Build Industry and Iranian Facility Management Sector to fall behind on Social Responsibilities and Environmental Sustainability issues that will effect the region and to some extend the world.  There has been an article on BRE Buzz in regards to this issue in respect to race for embracing new markets and it looks at the Certification and Monetary aspects of the LEED or BREEAM Presence in Iran, only.  However, the important issue is the effect lack of Iran’s involvement could have on the improvement of Energy and Environmental Sustainability of the region.  With LEED or BREEAM Presence in Iran, an effort could be made to encourage the culture and principles of the Social Responsibilities and Sustainable Facility Management in Iran for future generations and benefit to the entire global village.

LEED or BREEAM Specialists are needed in Iran

The results of comparison of Code 19 with LEED and BREEAM use in Iran showed that, marginal attention has been paid to the environmental effects derived from construction activities. Additionally, the importance of utilizing renewable energy to supply the requiring demands is also neglected by Code 19.   Regarding to the environmental concerns, the importance of building site selection should be highlighted, namely considering the proximity of building site with basic services (back, metro station, bus station, supermarket, etc.). Although there has been some effort in preserving the available green spaces in the construction sites, however there should be some incentives to encourage necessity for redeveloping the destroyed plantations.

LEED and BREEAM Specialists welcomed by PMO in Iran

Project Managers Organization (PMO) encourages cooperation with LEED and BREEAM Specialists in Iran to provide consultations and services for the private sectors.  Although, there might be no monetary benefits to this effort, however we at PMO feel the social responsibility toward a sustainable environment, anywhere on our beloved green planet, earth!

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