Iranian Partner for Legal Solutions in Iran

Iranian Partner for Legal Solutions in Iran is needed in order to take advantage of the emerging market that everyone wants to invest in Iran

Iranian Partner for Legal Solutions in IranAn Iranian Partner for Legal Solutions is needed if an International company who is interested to enter the Iranian Market.  Iran is opening up to foreign investment and it is starting to re-connect with the rest of the world.  Although the Americans are not taking advantage of this opportunity, the European countries will very quickly turn Iran into one of the hottest investment opportunities of the next few years.

As part of Project Managers Organization (PMO) Services, we serve the needs of international companies and their local counterparts. Our Members provide partnership opportunities in Iran, and cooperates with law firms concentrating on bringing international businesses to Iran, introducing investment opportunities to foreign companies, and assisting them in securing contracts.  In addition, PMO also assists Iranian companies and organizations, including trade related government agencies who are looking to work in International Projects or attract Investment and Technology to Iran.

Iranian Partner for Legal Solutions with PMI-ism Philosophy

Your Iranian Partner for Legal Solutions in Iran is a PMP certified legal adviser aware of Legal PMP (LPM) concept, who would have proper Project Management mentality to contractual issues.  A Legal PMP who has PMI-ism Philosophy in Iran Market is rarely found.  It could provide the best business advice to prevent legal and contractual problems, as well as, better preparing companies in their claim management and legal battles. Our members speak fluent English and have high business culture awareness with excellent communication skills in delivering service to our clients.

Your Iranian Partner for Legal Solutions will provide the following services:

  • Introduction of Investment Opportunities & Partnerships
  • Negotiate Bilateral Agreements with Proper Contractual and Business Strategies
  • Provide and Assist in Market Research, Feasibility Studies & Business Plans
  • Negotiation and Networking Assistance to International Companies
  • Matching and Partnering Iranian and Foreign counterparts for Joint Ventures
  • Business and Legal Advise for International  Company Formation
  • Advice and Assistance for company Incorporation and Brand Registration
  • Assist in Conferences and Provide Exhibitions Services

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