Iranian Assessment Center

First Iranian Assessment Center is established to help companies entering the Iran’s Post-Sanction Market

Iranian Assessment CenterIranian Assessment Center was established since many International Companies find it difficult to hire the right personnel for their subsidiary companies in new foreign territories.  Iran being one of the most difficult markets to enter due to high competition of firms in hiring the high skill candidates and low number of candidates familiar with international standards and global business culture.

Why an Iranian Assessment Center?

Although Assessment Center is a process not a place or event, Iranian Assessment Center is a group of professional Human Resource Managers that are highly experienced and educated in the Assessment Center Process.  There are many individuals who claim to have Assessment Center experience and coaching abilities, however, Project Managers Organization is proud to be the First Iranian Assessment Center to provide services according to world-class standards and quality to International Firms.

What is an Assessment Center?

An Assessment Center is a process where candidates are assessed to determine their suitability for specific types of employment, especially management or military command. The candidates’ personality and aptitudes are determined by a variety of techniques including interviews, group exercises, presentations, examinations and psychometric testing.

Assessment centers were created in World War II to select officers and are still commonly used in military recruitment today. AT&T created a building for recruitment of staff in the 1950s. This was called The Assessment Center and was influential on subsequent personnel methods in other businesses.

Other companies use this method to recruit for their graduate program by assessing the personality and intellect of potential employees who have recently graduated from university and have nil or limited work history. 68% of employers in the UK and USA now use some form of assessment center as part of their recruitment/promotion process.  In recent years companies have been set up to support assessment center coaching.

Iranian Assessment Center Benefits

• Iranian Assessment Center evaluates and validates claims on resumes to actual capabilities and knowledge and skills

• measure a broader range of knowledge, skills, and abilities than more traditional methods, such as written tests or interviews.

• measure job-related behaviors rather than other characteristics that are not directly related to effective job performance

• Iranian Assessment Center evaluates candidates with local and regional assessments as well as international and global standards

• helps international firms set the correct criteria and evaluation basis for selecting candidates according to the Iranian Market’s Needs

• assessment centers are standardized because testing conditions are similar for all candidates. This standardization insures that no candidate receives better or worse treatment than another.

• assessment centers are fair regardless of age, gender or race. Unlike some testing programs, research has suggested that a candidate’s age, gender, or race has no influence on the assessment ratings received.

• candidates typically view assessment centers as a fair promotional method.

• assessment centers serve as a learning experience for assessors as well as for candidates. Assessors benefit from their training and experience as assessors; they can serve as a management-training tool that helps assessors improve their observational skills and their ability to accurately evaluate performance. Candidates benefit from the feedback they receive after going through the center. The assessment center identifies their strengths and areas in need of improvement.

• Assessment center ratings tend to be much more accurate than conventional ratings because the assessment center provides an opportunity for direct observation of behavior in a controlled setting with trained raters.

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