Why do Iranian-Americans Support Trump?

Why do Iranian-Americans support Trump over Clinton? How do they see the Iran-USA relation after Obama?

Iranian-Americans-support-trump Iranian-Americans support Trump over Clinton for many reasons.  Mr. Trump is a business man and he has said it many times that he will appoint a politician as his Vice-president, so his main focus will be on USA Economy and Making America Great Again.  He is sacrificing his own money and cash to fund the race, so he is not worried about lobbyist and interest groups.  He talks his mind with no consideration for the media, taking advantages of his bloopers.  Although some consider his stand on immigration as un-american, if you look at it from a US-citizen point of view, it makes sense.  Mr. Trump is a business man and has little interest in religious or political view points, his only parameter for foreign relation will be to Make America Great Again by reviving its economy first.  Iranian-Americans support Trump over Clinton for the following reasons:

If Clinton is elected, Iran will face four difficult years!

Any new president supported by the AIPAC Zionist (Israeli) Lobby in Washington, would have to support Anti-Iranian legislation for further sanctions on Iran for the first term, in order to receive funding for the second-term elections.  It has been the norm and custom in the past 40 years that the first four years of any president, republican or democrat, Iranian counterparts experience rough relations with US administration, but during second presidency terms, Iranians see the friendly face of US politicians. Iranians believe that Clinton is supported by the AIPAC lobby that controls the media and tries to frighten people that if Trump is elected he will evict all Muslims from America.  However, during Obama “Iran-friendly” second-term administration, Trump made an interesting remark in regards to Airbus deal with Iran, criticizing Obama, that why Boeing was not given the chance to use this economical opportunities to sell planes to Iran and create jobs for Americans?!  Proving that Mr. Trump is making decisions based on business priorities and not political or religious differences.

Visit Trump’s Site for Official Positions on important issues

iranians-for-trumpAs Muslims, some Iranian-Americans are worried that there will be some restrictions on their travel and quality of life, once Trump is elected president. Iranian-Americans believe that this bad interpretation of Mr. Trump’s stand on Muslims is due to bad media publicity created by the AIPAC controlled media. Their argument is that everyone knows Mr. Trump is not a politician or a philosopher to understand the difference between Muslims as a religion or ISIS militants trained by Israel, and that the same media that has been corrupting Muslim’s image in the world is now trying to corrupt Mr. Trump’s image.  Reviewing Mr. Trump’s stance on immigration and Muslims, he insist that he does not wish to break any human right or international law, because he is unaware of them, but he wishes to protect American from entry of “Muslims” that he believes will harm America.  This of course is the intend of any patriotic citizen of any nation, but Mr. Trump definition for “Muslim” is media-based, which is incorrect and unfortunately has no correct alternative in American media.   Iranian-Americans support Trump because they wish for America to be Safe and Prosperous, as well, however, they hope once Mr. Trump forms his cabinet and elects his political advisers, he would make the correct distinction, and recognize the difference between real Muslims and ISIS militants trained by Israel, disguising as “Muslims”.

Trump is more honest with Americans than Clinton

Trump is not a politician, so he doesn’t know how to gain support by lying and disguising his true feelings.  He knows that he has to be Pro Israel to gain media support, so he has to say it clearly as a clarification point.  If he makes a blooper and makes wrong statements, he is not afraid to correct himself, unlike politicians that look for an excuse to interpret their mistakes differently.  Unfortunately, some white supremacy groups take advantage of some of his correct positions for wrong purposes and bad intentions, and that’s why some minorities are afraid to support him.  However, Iranian-Americans support Trump in the hope that once elected, Mr. Trump could manage the country, as he would his enterprise, and would be politically-correct in treating all Citizens equally and put America’s interest ahead of other foreign-policy excuses.

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3 Responses

  1. Asghar says:

    This article is flawed and has no base. Based on what statistics author claims Iranian Americans support Trump. This is by itself a lie.
    I think author has been blind by putting Israel issue as a priority. Trump has said many times he will tear down the nuclear deal. He will be tough on Iran even millitarily as a war is not bad for business and as you put it to make America great in Trump and alike philosophy.

    • Emari says:

      Thank you Dear Asghar for taking the time to comment on the post. This article is not a personal comment, but a collection of different views from what Iranian-American fear if Clinton wins the Election. Again, if you read the article carefully, most of your comments in regards to Mr. Trump is based on News in general media. You should go to Mr. Trump’s official website for his official stand on issues. So, are you suggesting that Ms. Clinton would be better for Iran-US relations?

  1. November 11, 2016

    […] blacks in order to gain support for Hillary Clinton.  As mentioned before in our previous post, Iranian-American support for Trump, the mass media supported by the Zionist funding preferred Clinton over Trump.  However,  Mr. […]

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