Iranian-Americans say Trump victory proved that mass media cannot be trusted

Iranian-Americans say Trump victory has proven that the media cannot be trusted

iranian-americans-for-trumpFor a long time, the Mass Media have been advocating that Trump is against minorities, muslims and blacks in order to gain support for Hillary Clinton.  As mentioned before in our previous post, Iranian-American support for Trump, the mass media supported by the Zionist funding preferred Clinton over Trump.  However,  Mr. Trump using his own wealth was able to raise his voice over the loudspeakers of the mass media.   The media started a war against Trump using  many news channels outlets,  Hollywood stars, and internet’s social media.   They used every opportunity even small  and unimportant  events and bloopers to mock Mr. Trump.  They even fabricated stories and bent the truth to support their arguments.

Muslim-American and Minority Support for Trump

It is true that Mr. Trump is a white male candidate who is patriotic,  but that does not mean that he will undermine the American lifestyle and culture.   In recent years, the Hollywood movies have tried so hard to create a sense of fear in people’s mind from such candidates.  As seen in movies such as Purge,  they wished to incline people’s opinion towards a lady candidate with minorities support.   However, the American public was much wiser than the media that is why they call  Mr. Trump  supporters as silent vote.  They were not Silent Vote,  but they were public opinion ignored by the mass media.

In order to scare the Public  from Trump voters, the media used footage of white supremacist supporting mr. Trump.  However, they never presented a representative view of Mr. Trump supporters in order to support their agenda that Mr. Trump is after minorities and is leading a pact of angry supremacist.

Iranian-Americans for Trump

Mr. Trump with his business mind will make America great again.   because he acts as he  believes and  doesn’t need to follow any lobbyist’s wish.   Many Iranian-American Muslims  know that Mr. Trump will be better representative for their country than Ms. Clinton.  Because Mr. Trump  is an American patriotic who prefers prosperity of United States rather than following orders of the people who threaten the National Security and Interest of United States.  This was proven the same time when Obama banned Boeing from dealing with Iran after lifting of the sanctions, and Mr. Trump’s disagreement on why Obama refused the created business opportunity and gave it away to Airbus and the European competition.

It is time for the mass media to follow the American public’s wish and Present unbiased news  with no hidden agenda.  Media cannot be trusted unless they perform their professional duty to collect and analyse data, correctly.   Similar to Mr. Bush’s election, it is proved that the media is not aware of the public’s View or they ignore public’s view in favor of some hidden agenda.  It’s time for Clinton’s supporters to wake up and face the FACTS!

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