Iran Stock Market for Western Investors

Iran Stock Market Stability has encouraged Western Investors

iran-stock-market for western investorsIran Stock Market is very stable and has many regulations that prevent sudden hiccups and crash. By lifting of sanctions, many foreign investors are looking to take advantage of Iran’s Stock Exchange.  In this article we will look at why Iran Stock Market for western investors is suitable.

Iran Stock Market and Profit Margin

The Iranian Currency depreciates around 10 to 15% every year.  Therefore, Iranian Banks have a high interest return for CD and Saving Deposits.  This is why in the Iranian Market any profit lower than 20% is not entertained and most investment packages offer returns of over 35 to 40% per year to their investors.  Iran Stock Market is not exception to this rule.  In order to lure investors to invest in Iranian Companies and Manufacturers, a profit of above 30% per year is shared through dividends and price hicks.

Iran Stock Market and Regulations

Unlike other foreign stock exchanges in the world, Iranian Stock Exchange Authority has set some ground rules to prevent some of common scheme, such as Pump & Dump or Ponzi Scheme, played in other Stock Exchanges.  They have stringent regulations monitoring to prevent stock market crashes.  For example, there is a 5% tolerance each day for a price hike or drop for every stock.  Another example, is the low price and high price dampening that is calculated on actual and real stock values.  Iranian Regulators monitor block purchases and sell of company stocks and prevent companies from selling more than 35% of their stock on the market.

Iran Stock Market for Western Investors

Unlike purchase of land which is prohibited for the foreign investors, owning a company or shares of a company is encouraged in Iran.  Even if a foreign investor is interested to own land and buildings in Iran, they could buy a company which owns the property and operate their business in Iran.  Therefore, Iran Stock Market is open for Western Investors and once their online account is set up, they have full control and can trade stock as they please.  In contrast to what many Western Investors think, Iran Stock Exchange Market is very up-to-date with the technology advances and they could do Technical and Fundamental Analysis of the Stock Trends from their Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

Before entering this market, hiring a professional consultant is very crucial and important.  There are many other reasons why Iran Stock Market for Western Investors is a great opportunity that must not be overlooked.  Please contact us via +989207206020 or Email us for further information.

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