Iran Market Research Project Management

Market Research Project Management

iran-market-research-project-managementA Market Research Project Management is a field by which a company trying to enter a new territory would utilize to expand their Research and Development Program into Business Plan to enter new Markets.

Project Managers Organization (PMO) is proud to team up with Persis Mind Explore to offer Market Research Project Management services to companies entering the Iran’s Post-Sanction Market.  The Project Management of Market Research goes further than just studying marketing aspect of a new idea, it goes into much more detail as far as implementing and managing risks involved with the project.

Use of Qualitative and Quantitative data collection method to prepare different analysis in regards to different market trends, needs, tenders, and infrastructure projects to know the potentials and dangers of a fresh new idea and choosing the right method of implementation by structuring the correct selection criteria is critical for correct Market Research Project Management.

Our Market Research will help clients in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Iranian Market’s needs in different industries
  • Research in Trade Volume Capacities of certain Products or Services
  • Develop Product Specification Requirement and Scope for Design and Supply
  • Assistance in Tender Process and Influencing Stakeholders and Decision Makers
  • Marketing Strategies for Product and Service Advertisement and Gaining Market Share
  • Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threat Analysis and Competitor Reconnaissance
  • Overall Business Plan Analysis and Strategy to implement the idea into reality

Market Research by

Each PMO member is a consultant with many years of experience and resume of successful completed projects.  The main advantage of hiring members is that they have proven to work effectively in a strongly collaborative environment.  That means, when you work with PMO, not only can you rely the expertise of your designated Project Manager, but also the added support and strength of our entire team.  Another advantage of using PMO is if you have a strict budget and time constraints.  Our Project Managers are experts to work with your schedule and project needs to deliver research results that help you succeed.  Finally, at, our main focus is making your project run as smoothly as possible. Your Project Manager identifying potential challenges before they become issues. That also means providing information before you ask for it and taking extra care so that you have confidence in us. After all, your focus should be on your clients and the research, while our focus is on you.

Every Market Research Project Management plan would be custom build for every client and would encompass only the areas best fitted and most needed by each client.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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