Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region

Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region are plenty and the Iranian Government fully supports any partnerships for these development projects

Mokran-Investment-OpportunitiesThe Second International Summit for Presenting Investment Opportunities in Mokran Shores was held on 25-27 Feb. 2018 in Tehran, Iran with the presence of Deputy Minister and two other Minister along with hundreds other ambassadors and officials interested in the development of Mokran Region Coast Line.  This is just another one of many other Investment Opportunities in Iran that has the Iranian’s Government full support.  The following is a short presentation of the importance of this region and opportunities available.  Taraz Peyriz was one of the supporters of this event and is very interested to join other foreign investors in a joint venture and partnership to develop roads, infrastructures, hotels and commercial complexes in the region.  If a foreign investor is interested to use this opportunity Taraz Peyriz is the Iranian Partner with the know-how and expertise in carrying out the Iran local project management of those projects.

Second International Summit for Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region

The following are few photos of the event and exhibits during the Second International Summit for Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region

Mokran-Investment-Opportunities-2 Mokran-Investment-Opportunities-Pmanagers
Mokran-Investment-Opportunities-Pmanagers-3 Mokran-Development-Opportunities-Pmanagers-3
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The coasts of Mokran, Makran or Makuran – as it is pronounced by the local people – is a region located in Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan and Pakistan’s southwestern Baluchistan province. It is a 600-mi (1,000-km) stretch along the Gulf of Oman from Raˈs (cape) al-Kūh, Iran (west of Jask), to Lasbela District, Pakistan (near Karāchi).  Coasts of Mokran are considered one of the most important and most Strategic Region in the Middle East and Central Asia. Despite the potential and abundant of natural resources and strategic location, sadly, so far, the development of the region remains neglected.

Given the Mokran coasts importance for Iran’s economy, in recent years, Iran begun vast planning to exploit the potential of this area. In this regard, many studies have been done and significant investments have been made. With lifting of economic sanction, Iran eyes foreign investment to accelerate development of this strategic area.




Mokran Coasts is so Significant for Iran that, it’s mentioned in Iran 6th development plan as core issue and development priority. Also in recent years, it has been mentioned in Iranian policy makers and officials’ speeches many times.

The secretariat of Mokran development organization, with the support of related ministries, organizations and entities responsible for Mokran’s development programs, held the 1st international convention for presenting Mokran investment opportunities in January 2017 in Chabahar, Iran. Many high-ranking political officials including, vice president of Iran Eshaq Jahangiri, minister of defense Hossein Dehghan and Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhondi attended the summit.

“This huge and long, very sensitive coast that we have in the Oman Sea is in fact a treasure, and we must accept that we have not discovered this. The Oman Sea, the Oman Sea Coast (Mokran coasts) and the presence in the Oman Sea are a treasure; a reserve. We paid all our attention to Persian Gulf, we realized that the Persian Gulf is very sensitive, I have no doubt, but we did not pay attention to this huge giant that we have in the Oman Sea. The Oman Sea is the key to defining the fate of the Persian Gulf.”

F0r more information on the region and Mokran Shore please visit the following site:

Partner for Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region

Taraz Peyriz is ready to become Partner for Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region with any foreign registered engineering, construction, or investor in the following fields:


  • Construction of New Hotels
  • Development of Entertainment and Recreational Complexes and Villages
  • Marine Ecotourism
  • Development of Marine Sport Clubs
  • Development of Healthcare Centers

Transportation and Transit:

  • Development of Ports
  • Construction of Chabahar Airport City
  • Development of Railways Network (North, South, East, and West Corridors)
  • Development of Roads
  • Development of Combined Transit
  • Construction of a Logistics Park

Urban Development:

  • Construction of “Tiss” New Town
  • Construction of “Jask” New Town
  • Development of Current Cities and Town in the Region

Oil and Gas:

  • Construction of the Second Oil Terminal in Jask
  • Development of Oil and Gas Transferring Networks
  • Construction of Refineries


  • Development of Iran’s Third Petrochemical Hub (Negin-e Mokran)
  • Construction of Petrochemicals Industries


  • Construction of Jask Industrial Complex
  • Establishment of Steel Industries in Jask and Chabahar
  • Establishment of Aluminum Production Industries
  • Establishment of Ferrochrome Industries

Power Plants and Desalination Plants:

  • Construction of Small Scale Power Plants
  • Construction of Large Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Construction of Wind and Solar Power Plants
  • Construction of Small Scale Desalination Plants
  • Construction of Large Scale Desalination Plants


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