Iran Fair and Expo Services

Iran Fair and Expo Services includes all the basic needs for an international company to enter the Iranian Post Sanction Market!

Iran Fair and Expo ServicesAre you interested in participating in one of Iran’s upcoming Fair and Expos? Are you looking for a consultant or coach that could train personnel and employees in your booth? Are you looking for a company to provide local services during your stay in Iran?  We have put together a team to offer Iran Fair and Expo Services

Why Iran Fair and Expo Services are important?

Many foreign companies attempting to work in new territories have the same difficulties. Many developing countries have had long history of working with International Firms. However, Iran has been an exception and over the past 40 years has been distant from working with Western Companies and understanding the business culture differences.

International and Global Companies find it easier to find translators, interpreters, and professionals with English speaking skills to to accomplish simple and minimum tasks needed to enter a market, however, in Iran it is difficult to find such help, easily.  Therefore, many consider this an opportunity rather than threat to enter the Iranian Market with no competitors and become the pioneers in taking advantage of this opportunity. Iran Fair and Expo Services

At Pmanagers.Org we have recruited members that could assist your company in the following areas:

  • Coaching Managing Directors and Sale Personnel on Trade Show Etiquette
  • Training personnel to serve customers during booth visitation
  • Comprehensive visitor promotion and supplement welcoming staff
  • Design and Construction of Exhibit Booths
  • Prepare Auditorium, Forum & Workshops facilities
  • Translation and Interpreter Services
  • Provide Banking, Insurance, Post, and Business Center Services
  • Customs & Clearing assistance
  • Transportation and escort services
  • Hotel and Tour Reservation
  • Visa and Travel support

For more information on upcoming events and exhibition visit

To obtain more information on Iran Fair and Expo Services, please email us at [email protected]

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