Iranian Partner for Investment in Land Development & Construction

Iranian Partner for Investment in Land Development &  Construction

Investment and Partnership in Middle EastIranian Partner for Investment in Land Development & Construction is part of Pmanagers.Org Services.  It is important to know your Iranian Partner for Investment prior to committing to a project.  There are Cultural Differences and Management Style Differences that you have to watch for, however, our consultants make it easier to manage these differences via good Stakeholder Management.

Iranian Partner for Investment Opportunities

Middle East countries are developing faster than ever, and it has become a lucrative market for western companies to export their expertise and invest for profitable projects in these countries. One of the countries lagging behind due to political and cultural reasons, is Iran. However, after experiencing long separation from the international community due to sanctions, now that the sanctions are lifted, Iran is ready to establish new connections based on mutual gain and benefit. Many foreign companies are interested to find a good Iranian Partner for Investment.  There are many possible opportunities, but one of the industries that has been hit hard in Iran for the past 40 years is the Tourism Industry. Although Iran is a four season country and has beautiful scenery, it has not been very active in attracting visitors and investors, which is why it is now an opportunity to consider. Iran has a high population of educated professionals in the fields of Medicine and Engineering, and it is becoming a hub for Middle East population for Medical visits and academic education. Here we will introduce one of the best Investment and Partnership in Middle East to develop a medical tourist facilities in Iran.

Iranian Partner for Investment to Joint Venture in Chamestan Health City

Chamestan is a beautiful and scenic city in Northern part of Iran. A team of marketing, architectural, and international contracting firms have teamed up to develop plans for a land development to create the largest Health City of Middle East. With 200 hectares of land dedicated to this project, all governmental and municipal permits and regulations have been met to develop 600,000 meter square of building area, which include:

Hospital of 1000 bed capacity 80000 m2
Health and Recreational Centers 30000 m2
Hospital Hotel of 300 room capacity 50000 m2
Five Star Hotel of 38000 m2
Sport Centers and Complexes 32000 m2
Educational and Cultural Facilities 5000 m2
Commercial and Retail areas 42000 m2
500 Villas and Apartments 200000 m2

The estimated cost for the entire project is 385 Million Euros with 48% return on Investment.
The estimated time for construction is 6 years and return on investment is 5 years.

The best feature of this project is the land ownership. As many know, Middle Eastern countries do not allow land ownership for foreign individuals. However, in this project all the negotiation have been successfully concluded to allow foreign companies purchase and own the company that owns the land to operate their built facilities forever.


Here is a useful article from Wikipedia on Healthy City.

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