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What does it mean to become International Project Management Professional and how it will help your company?

International-Project-ManagementThe world has become a global village and many advanced top-rated companies find that their services and expertise are in high demand in developing countries. Middle East has been one of the international destinations for top 500 fortune companies and Iran has recently entered this market after the lifting of embargo and ease of sanctions. Many western companies find Iran as a stable market for future development with rich national reserves and monetary capabilities. In addition, many Iranian firms are also looking for foreign western partners to stay on the edge and remain competitive in the local market. This is why becoming an International Project Management professional is an excellent opportunity for Project Management Professionals. It emphasizes the need for company leaders to recognize the cultural implications of mixing skilled workers from many nations, along with the tactical steps required for teams to collaborate effectively.

International Project Management professional

Many companies leap at the chance to grab job opportunities by building International Departments and hiring estimators and regional managers, without fully understanding the consequences of shifting work across multiple countries and cultures. Even among highly professional team members, assumptions about race and culture can act as roadblocks to getting things done. That is why a specialized experienced International Project Management Professional must be designate throughout a project to focus on team communication, collaboration, team building, trust building, conflict resolution, and coaching. Successful international companies utilizing a global model realize that the efficiency of spreading resources globally can be reinvested into this focus on soft skills.

Building a global team requires a different approach to human resources issues, such as recruiting and scheduling. Understanding the strengths and opportunities of each cultural group allows project managers the ability to make decisions based on data instead of on stereotypes and assumptions. Effective global teams gain a cross-cultural insight that makes them even more valuable to organizations and to their customers.

Outsourcing International Department Services

As part of our services at, we intend to gather members with experience and interest in International Project Management Profession. In addition, we provide learning information and knowledge to Project Management Professional to become International Project Managers. We find it necessary for all advanced professional companies to establish their International Departments with hiring certified International PMPs, however, high cost to establish and pay full time personnel with the expertise in new markets is inefficient. Therefore, we offer part-time and consulting base services for western companies interested to enter the Iranian Market, or for Iranian companies interested to work with foreign companies in Iran.

Please visit our site for more information and recommend our offered opportunities to your colleagues and friends.

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