International Contractors of Iran

International Contractors of Iran are active in exporting Engineering and Consultative Services around the world

International Contractors of IranMany are unaware of the wide range of engineering and construction services offered by International Contractors of Iran, therefore, in this post the book of “ The International Contractors & Consultants of Iran 2010” is being introduced to familiarize our dear readers of some of these companies.

International Contractors of Iran book was published to introduce the capabilities of Iranian Companies in designing, supervision, provision of facilities and enforcement of the international constructive and industrial projects.  It gives an introduction to contractors representing the Islamic Republic of Iran in foreign countries to export engineering and consulting services.  This book was used by embassies and joint chambers of commerce  in order to establish connection with the companies of this book in desirable manner.

In this data bank, the Iranian companies capable in the field of building, water, electricity, oil, transportation, installation and equipment, shipping and marine services, industry and communications are presented and their projects are introduced.

The book can be downloaded from here.

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List of Projects performed by some Iranian Contractors

Company Project Country Amount $
Parsian High Voltage Substations Co. 4Substations 400/132kv Yemen 46000000
KAYSON 10000-Unit Housing Venezuela 600000000
RAMOOZ Construction Co. Drilling of Arabian Canal in Dubai U.A.E 473000000
Farab Sangtodeh2 Hydropower Plant Tajikistan 220000000
Mapna Group Teshrin Combined Cycle Power Plant Syria 283404600
Omrab Eng. Co. North Al-Gazirah water Treatment Plant Sudan 45000000
Hirbodan  Gas Power Plant of Masqhat Refinery Oman 76267000
DIDAS Minsk Commercial Tower Belarus 248672289
Mehvarsazan Eng. & Const. Co.  Ammonia of 700 ton & Urea by 1200 ton Azerbaijan 463000000

Source Iran Cons Wesbsite

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