Hire a freelance Project Management Consultant

As firms realize higher cost of employing full time staff, they are looking more to hire a freelance Project Management Consultant rather than employing full time project managers.

Hire a freelance Project Management ConsultantMany firms of different industries are looking into outsourcing and Just-in-Time suppliers of services and products.  Since there is not going to be overhead cost of keeping full time staff on board, and no cost to assign office space and supply to the full time personnel, the firms’ running costs will be substantially reduced.  However, most projects require a full time in-house Project Manager to manage the job and report to the stakeholders.  We are not advocating that full-time project managers are not needed, but we will point few important reasons why you should hire a freelance Project Management Consultant, for your team.

Project Managers are so busy with responding to stakeholders, they might lose sight of many important management activities.  Having a part time consultant on the side, can point out and raise flag when needed.  A freelance Project Management Consultant will be an expert with higher education and more experience, compared to the Project Manager of the company; however, he will gladly work under or side-by-side a firm’s project manager.  Since PM consultants are working part-time, they are more productive and firms only pay for hours worked on projects.

Here is an interesting article on Cost and Benefit of Hiring a Project Manager Consultant

There are many sites that offer services to hire a freelance project management consultant on the internet.  However, the firm should first realize its needs and objectives in hiring a consultant then explore these resumes.  Linked-In has done a good job of connecting people with their career profiles, however, still the best way of networking is to have friends of friends introducing each other for opportunities in a business to business setting.   Since personal characteristics, work proficiency, and human integrity is shown not on a paper resume, but on experienced work relations.  Here is an interesting site that you might be interested to post or search for a freelance Project Management Consultant:

UpWork: Skills: Project Management


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