Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

We are Excited to have you here…
But you are like: “No, not another Project Manager Organization!!”

I am very excited about the year 2016 …

I was probably one of the first people that used internet to spread my thoughts and ideas to the world in the Year 1996. University of Michigan, allowed its students to explore the possibilities of using internet in an educational and academic field. However, as websites increased and social networks grew, many used internet for personal use rather than for academic or business purposes. In recent years, smart phone applications made it easier for people to share thoughts alongside pictures and videos, and it is safe to say that 85% of our activities on social networks are for personal use rather than business intended purposes.
Year 2016 is the year I see Social Networks shift from Personal Use to Business Collaboration. It is evident in the growth of networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook’s attempt to create a median for Work related activities and separate it from the current personal oriented network.
So, no, this is not another organization that would allow any members to join. Our members have a single purpose in mind: “To join other Project Management Professionals interested in Business to Business relations in an organization that collaborates to provide up-to-date Knowledge, Information, and Opportunities to better improve each other!”
Please share our articles and posts with your colleagues and encourage them to join you in our network if they are interested in:
Increasing Knowledge
Explore Opportunities
Expand Network,
and Collaborate with Similar Minds!
We welcome any comments and suggestions you might have in improving this site and organization.

Wish you best of luck and success for the Year 2016!

Hani Emari
Founder of PManagers.Org

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  1. Hani Emari says:

    Wish you a successful year…

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