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  • Managing Director
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Management Consultant


  • Coordinate Design
  • Manage Build
  • Operate Facilities


  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Negotiation & Contract Administration
  • Business Intelligence for Facility Management

Dr. Hani Emari, PMP

Hani Emari is a US Citizen born in Kuwait with a Master’s Degree in Construction Project Management from Detroit’s Wayne State University, College of Civil & Environmental Engineering, who has been working in the field of Project Management, since 2000. Mr. Emari has successfully completed over 25 engineering and construction projects ranging from $500,000 to $37,000,000 for public and private entities in the past 18 years, and in order to prove his credential and competence as a Project Management Professional, Mr. Emari obtained his PMP Certification #1951872 in 2016 and has been offering professional Project Management Consulting and Coaching Services to variety of industries. Mr. Emari received his Doctorate of Business Administration Degree, which is an advanced MBA, with Major in Business Strategic Planning to complement
his experience in Business Development & Administration and has completed courses and training to obtain his ITIL, ProFM and LEED AP O+M Certificates, as needed upon request.


Educated & Experienced in the field of Project Management, Construction Management, Facility Management, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Management Professional with more than 25 successful Civil and Construction Projects in less than 20 years in USA, Iran, UAE, Oman

Partnership and Joint-Venture Formation and Management in forms of EPC, Bid-Build, Self-Sponsored Construction, Business & Commercial Projects

Consultant to more than 12 Successful Organizations and Individuals to develop concepts into Business Development in more than 15 years of Consulting, Coaching and Coordinating

Skills Portfolio

Project Management & Leadership
Acted as the Project Manager for more than 20 projects in USA, Iran, Oman, and UAE
Established Offices for Namavaran Bana and Arvan Saman in Oman, UAE, and Algeria
Coached a Team developing Business Development of Iran-Russia Green Corridor

Contract & Risk Management
Expert in Contract Interpretation and Change Order Claims to reduce risks and increase profit
Prevent Loop Holes and Detect Risks ahead of Contract Approval & During Execution
Resolved Risk Issues to Complete Elahieh two-year behind Schedule Project in 6 months

Stakeholder Management & Communication
Formed and Managed Partnership for Persian-Asay to Design and Build Residential Complexes
Coached Arvan Saman Partners to collaborate and Communicated for Project Success
Assisted Dearborn Engineering Department to better Communicated with Contractors

Customer Relation Management & Satisfaction
Board Member of Process Improvement TQM Committee for Spalding DeDecker
Expert in Problem Resolution to Change Orders and Gaining Owner’s Support while working with EBI Detroit Inc. and Detroit Contracting Inc. as a Project Manager

Business Culture and Anthropological Expert
Educated on Business Culture for USA, Iran, Germany, Japan, Arabian Countries
Traveled to more than 17 Countries for work and learned more about cultural differences
Consulted as a freelance to Foreign Relations and International Contracting Services


Project Managers Organization
Founder and Managing Partner
Tehran, Iran 2016

Formed an organization of Project Management Professionals to offer services to International Companies interested to enter Iran’s Post-Sanction Market as well as outsourcing International Services to Iranian Companies interested to work with Foreign Companies.  Services offered are management consultation and training in all PMBoK Knowledge Areas and ISO, TQM, MBA, TRIZ concepts that would benefit Business Development, Human Resource Development, and Partnership Management.

Major Projects:

AMICO AUTO PICKUP TRUCK PROJECT– Acted as the freelance consultant to the Industrial Group to organize activities and processes according to the PMBOK standard.  Developed the New Product Development Project Team to introduce the Iranian Designed Pickup Truck for Export.  Managed the International aspects of the Industrial Group in forming new partnerships and importing products.

TARAZ PEY RIZ CONSTRUCTION CO– Managed the International Contracting aspects of the Rotana Hotel Development Project in Isfahan designed by the American Architectural firm, Perkins and Will, based in Dubai, UAE.   Major Activities included Establishment of Project Management Office (PMO), Procurement Management, Risk Management, and Stakeholders Management.

In addition, served as a team member for other Management Advisory Consultants Companies such as PMPIran and Persis Explorers for projects in the Oil and Gas Industry, Jondi Shapour Company, and Tunnel, Rail and Road Construction Company, Haraz Rah Construction.

Persian-Asay Engineering Group
Project Management Partner
Tehran, Iran 2012

Joined a number engineers and investors to form an Engineering Group to invest and manage construction and sale of Residential Complex Apartments in Tehran.  Responsibilities included Market Research, Joint-Venture Management, Contract Negotiation and Partnership Management, City and Municipality Permit Coordination, Financial Management and Accounting, Engineering Procurement Construction EPC, Property and Asset Management, Apartment Sale and Real Estate activities.

Major Projects:

SHAMSABAD RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX Invested and Managed Design, Build and Hand-Over of 15 Residential Apartments in 1820 meter square building.  The Complex was five stories of three bedrooms, two bedrooms and a one bedroom apartment with Storage Rooms and Parking Areas.

MARZDARAN RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX Invested and Managed Design, Build and Hand-Over of five Residential Apartments in 1260 meter square building.  The Complex was five stories of three bedrooms apartments with Storage Rooms and Parking Areas.

Namavaran Bana International
Managing Director
Tehran, Iran 2007

After gaining fifteen months experience working as a consultant for a residential construction company that operated in the upper-class region of Tehran and Dubai, UAE; joined Namavaran International Investment Engineering Company as the Managing Director for its subsidiary unit company to organize and help its board of director in decision makings to operate the company’s construction activity in Tehran and establish a subsidiary company in Sultanate of Oman and Algeria. Responsibilities included Project Management, Financial and Accounting Management, Human Resource Management, Dealing with Internal Revenue Services, Social Security, Worker Compensation, and Company Registration Departments. It was a pleasure and privilege to work along side highly esteemed engineers of the Iranian construction and engineering companies such as Mr. Bijan Kamvari, Mr. Khaje Noori, Mr. Khansari, Mr. Abrishami, Mr. Poornia, Mr. Varzande, Mr. Saberi, and Mr. Samak to name a few.

Major Projects:

TAJ NAMAVARAN COMMERCIAL COMPLEX 18000 m2$14,000,000.00 Although the project had a project manager, but based on the outdated Iranian company trade regulations, all project management responsibilities fall upon the Managing Director of the Company. Completed the terms of the contract while managing the company, establishing another in Oman, and bidding on new jobs in Tehran, Algiers and Muscat.

ELAHIEH ARVAN RESIDENTAL COMPLEX 8000 m2 $20,000,000.00 First successful project management experience in Iran to complete delayed project in only six months while managing ten other residential villa construction in Dubai, UAE for Arvan Saman Company.

Detroit Contracting Inc.
Project Manager
Detroit, MI 2004

Acted as the Project Manager interpreting drawings and specifications, coordinating design and construction, writing contracts, processing pay applications, CPM scheduling, monitoring day-to-day activities, processing and negotiating claims and change order settlements, finalizing punch-list items, collecting close out documents, testing and commissioning, and obtaining final permits and acceptance.

Major Projects:

SECURITY SYSTEM FOR PUMPING STATIONS $22,000,000.00 Design and Installation of new security system for 64 sites operated by Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) , which included fencing, entry checks, PTZ and Fixed Cameras, Radio and Communication Equipment, and major coordination with over 30 different cities and municipalities.

DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOL PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM (DPSPMT) $10,000,000.00 Design/Build, Traditional and Construction Management projects that required building renovation, new building and site construction, and major HVAC and Electrical/IT Systems for schools such as Southwestern High School, Barsamian Academy, Crockett High School, and Kitchen Renovation for Nine Schools, to name a few.

EBI Detroit Inc.
Project Coordinator
Detroit, MI 1999

Career Phase over from Design to Construction began with project engineering, followed by project estimating, and promoted to site superintendent and finally Project Manager. Prepared bids, proposals, interpreting RFPs, processing RFQs, take off and estimating; performed document and submittal control, safety and quality control, and facilitated meetings, generated daily field reports and RFI’s.

Major Projects:

NEW WASHWATER TREATMENT FACILITY $29,000.000.00 Design and Build of a treatment facility building, 900’ outfall extension into Lake Huron, and 8 lagoons for the Port Huron Plant of DWSD.

NEW CLEARWELL $37,000,000 Design and Build of 25 Million Gallon capacity water clearwell at Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant for DWSD. SCREEN HOUSE REHABILITATION $6,000,000 Replacement of seven existing traveling water screens and major architectural renovation for DWSD.

Spalding DeDecker Assoc.
Project Engineer
Rochester Hills, MI 1998

Acted as a project engineer in major water and sewer design projects for DWSD by performing preliminary studies, collecting information and data, surveying, designing and drafting, and coordinating with other sub-consultants. Extra activities within the firm included performing as the team leader for the process improvement committee, part of TQM & ISO initiative taken by the employees.

Major Projects:

JEFFERSON VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT Involved in the design process of infrastructure redevelopment of a 105 acre property for 400 residential and commercial developments; consisting of road, sewer and water design.

PALMER WOODS WATER MAIN & SEWER DESIGN That included Engineering design of the water main, as well as review and approve sub-consultant’s designs and plans.

Started the engineering career as an Assistant Engineer & Draftsman for the City of Dearborn, while studying for Bachelor’s Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering in Wayne State University.

Major Projects:

LAPEER PARK TENNIS COURT REHAB-Assisted in study of new and advance design and repair methods. Surveyed the site to assess required repairs and construction. Prepared quantity sheets and specification documents for bidding.

FEMA FLOOD INSURANCE RESTUDY Assisted the City Engineer in the study to determine and evaluate houses below the floodplain specified by FEMA. Built necessary database to organize and analyze data.

University Instructor & Coaching:

PMPiran ◊ Tehran, IR 2015-Present
Project Management Professional Coaching & Training

University of Science & Technologies ◊ Tehran, IR 2006-2009
Financial Management in Construction

Lawrence Technological University ◊ Southfield, MI 1999–2006
Project Management & Scheduling

Wayne State University ◊ Detroit, MI 1998-2006
Geomatic/Surveying & Engineering Graphics


Business Development, Project Management, Facility Management, Construction Management, Financial Management, and Quality Control

To better understand Iran’s construction industry participated in Seminars, Training Courses, and Extended University Accredited Programs such as Estimation using the Iranians Fehrest Baha System, Project Management Program (PMP based on PMBOK) Accredited by Project Management Institute (PMI) and Construction Management and Operation Couse through Civil House Institute.

Tehran University
Tehran, Iran

Completed the MBA studies started in Wayne State University by attending the Doctorate of Business Administration Program DBA of Management Faculty of Tehran University. The program enables senior management professionals to enhance their leadership and strategic skills using practical experience to improve Research Methodologies for Managerial Decision-makings, understanding Global Management Trends, apply International Marketing Strategies, and internationalization of SMEs for new Business Developments.

Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

Ph.D. Program in Facility Management Performed a research study surrounding the subject of Operation and Maintenance for University Facilities with the aim to reduce the response time of work orders and improving the work log duration of the facility department. Scientific methods were used to detect the shortcomings of the system and used project management techniques to improve the response time of the maintenance department in performing their activities.

Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

Master’s Degree in Construction Management Courses completed are: Contract Administration, Project Estimating & Scheduling, Resource & Time Management, ISO and TQM Principles, Safety & Risk Management, Union and Labor relations, and Negotiation and Collective Bargaining.

Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

Bachelor of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering Courses completed are: CSI Specification Writing, Water Resources, Structure Analysis, Reinforced Concrete, Civil Engineering Material, Engineering Economics, Planning of Engineering Systems, and Surveying.


◊ Project Management Institute Member PMI Number: 1951872
◊ Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society
◊ Honorary Certificate for Excellence from US President Bill Clinton
◊ Associated General Contractors of America
◊ AGC of American
◊ Michigan Society of Civil Engineers
◊ ASCE & MSPE Alumni Association of Faculty of Engineering
◊ Certified by MIOSHA, Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration


◊ Excellent Writing and Speaking Skill in English, Persian, and Arabic
◊ Traveled to more than 17 Countries all over the world
◊ Skilled in the use of the Project Scheduling Software Microsoft Project and Primavera
◊ Project Management Software Expedition & Comfar III Business Plan
◊ Programming and Information & Data Management in Visual Basic
◊ Designing and Drafting using AutoCAD and Cedraw Systems
◊ Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, and other Microsoft Products
◊ Graphics and Imaging software, Adobe and other related engineering software

To obtain a copy of the complete Resume, please drop us a line.

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