DBA Expert in Iran for Business Development

A Doctorate of Business Administration DBA Expert in Iran with International Experience for successful Business Development is scarce to find.


Some study a PhD program when they aim at a career in social sciences and eventually want to become a full time professor at a business school. Their goal is to become an academic and do research. In contrast, a Doctorate of Business Administration DBA Expert in Iran is a person who has already been successful in business for many years and looks for a new intellectual challenge. This person is interested in management from practical research question in mind – a specific problem from work environment – that he could approach and provides benefits to his clients at the same time.

DBA Expert in Iran

Many Business Schools in Iran have started DBA Programs with the intent of advancing their MBA graduates.  They have been very successful in offering rich and up-to-date knowledge and science to their students.  However, lack of experience and practical examples from the International Business World has reduced their ability to serve their clients as good consultants. A well known and established Doctorate of Business Administration DBA Expert in Iran should have many years of international and national work experience, ambition and motivation to provide the proper assistance to his client.  One of the greatest advantages of a DBA Expert is his access to data in their own businesses. DBA graduates usually stay working professionals in their companies and want to stay in the business world even after their graduation. However, their doctoral degree qualifies them for doing research as well. They teach as guest professors, invited or adjunct faculty occasionally and publish in practitioner or academic journals. Although the core idea of a PhD in Management studies is to work on research questions that are considered as important gaps by the academic community.  DBA Experts, on the other hand, are less required to extend existing theory. Instead, their great contribution is rather the combination of research with concrete business problems. Their starting point, for example, may be a business problem from their companies and the DBA dissertation may generate a theoretical model that explains that specific problem and at the same time abstracts from it so that the model can be applied in other contexts as well. Hence, the DBA dissertation uses often a case-study approach rather than an empirical research approach.  In the center of a DBA dissertation is a practical problem from the business world that is considered as relevant from both sides, business managers and scholars.

Qualifications for a DBA Expert in Iran

A Doctorate of Business Administration DBA Expert in Iran should have a certain set of skills and knowledge to be qualified as an Expert.  DBA Programs in Iran offered by universities such as Tehran University have these goals:

  • To enable senior management professionals to develop and improve management theories to enhance their leadership and strategic skills
  • To make a contribution to management practice and create additional value for their organisations
  • To enable executives to acquire advanced management knowledge and research skills
  • To offer executives the opportunities to carry out research in organizational contexts using their practical experience, and translating it into management theories which are practical and implementable

These goals are achieved by offering courses for

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methodologies for Managerial Decision-making,
  • Studies for Global Management Trends,
  • Training for Strategic Use of Information and Communications Technologies,
  • Researching new International Marketing Strategies,
  • Developing Internationalization of SMEs and
  • Preparing for Global Competitiveness with high knowledge and skill in Strategy Dynamics.

A DBA Expert in Iran has data and information on Global and International levels as well as Iranian Market Needs and Strategies for Business Development.   They are well educated in Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation with research and experience in Finance, Investment Strategies and Corporate Governance and Leadership in all type of Businesses.

For any company interested in establishing a business and entering the Iranian Market, hiring a Doctorate of Business Administration DBA Expert in Iran is highly recommended.  We at Project Managers Organization are more than happy to help businesses find the best DBA Experts in Iran.  Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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