Business to Business Marketing in Iran

How to perform Business to Business Marketing in Iran? How can you start growing your market share in Iran’s Post-Sanction Market!?


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Entering the Iranian Business Market is different than most part of the world.  Since Iran’s Market has been closed to international companies for over forty years and a lot has changed since then.  However entering the market without proper planning, would definitely result in failure.  Many consider Iran’s Business Market as one of most profitable markets due to high inflation rate and high interest rates.  However, if you are not careful about the currency changes, you may loose your profit in exchanging the Rial for Dollars upon return of your investment.

Solution to Problem is Business to Business Marketing in Iran

In order to successfully start a business in Iran and have all the regulation and market share problems resolved, the best and quickest way is to have a strong partner in Iran.  In many countries, hiring a part-time or full-time employee to work on your product might work, but in Iran due to different business culture, Iranians prefer to have their own business with no profit rather than work for others.   Therefore, a person might give in to being an employee of a company for few years to collect some cash and resolve some economical issues, but it is a short time solution.  He will definitely learn the business from his boss then try to copy the same for himself.  The solution is to create a career plan for him and encourage him to do a good job in order to be a partner in future in a portion of company or with some stock options.

Find a Partner for Business to Business Marketing in Iran

Many Iranians would love to partner with foreign companies to have sole-agent distribution right of a foreign product.  Iranian Partners will do their best to sell your products if they know that they are the only distributor for your product and they actually feel proud in their accomplishment to grow your market share if they believe it’s their own business and improvement in their career path.   However, foreign companies have to be smart in selecting their partner.  They have to find a Partner for Business to Business Marketing in Iran that has the know-how, connections, financial stability, and international business professionalism.  Each one of these areas requires extensive research and evaluation that only a freelance consultant with experience of both International business Market and Iranian Business Market will understand in order to find a good partner for Business to Business marketing in Iran for you!

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