Business Anthropology for PMPs

Business Anthropology for PMPs

How much do you know of Business Anthropology that would impact your success?

Business Anthropology

Many Western Firms are interested in working in Middle East, but getting along with all the cultural differences overshadows their ability to be competitive with the Home Based Companies.

During my education in the States, we had a subject in regards to Business Anthropology.  To many of us, the course didn’t mean a lot and didn’t sound too important.  However, after working over ten years in the region, I have realized that one of the factors contributing to my success was understanding and applying my knowledge of Anthropology in Business.

Why Business Anthropology for PMP is important?

American companies usually compare Japanese, German, and Mexican work ethics and culture to get a better understanding of more rigid, similar and weaker levels of behaviors compared to their own.

As a project manager, one should understand where the target market falls within the above spectrum.

Middle Eastern population is as smart as Westerners when it comes to Finance and Investment, however, they lack the expertise in dealing with others in a strict and disciplined World-class professional project management standards.

Fortunately, with the wide spread of PMP certification across the world, Middle Eastern consultants are becoming more familiar with these professional project management standards, and they are becoming familiar with the terminology, language and procedures of the profession.

One of the main goals of is to raise awareness for these differences for its members, and to connect similar minded freelance and company-employed Project Managers in an organization to collaborate on these experiences and find collective solutions for improvement of all its members.

Please share your story with us:

Have you had previous challenges managing projects due to business cultural differences?

Are you interested in working in Middle East, however, lack of Anthropological experience has prevented you from entering the market?

Do you have any suggestions that would help us achieve our goal?

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