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Project Management is a vast field of management in any industry.  It is science as well as art.  To become a good PM, one needs to understand all the major parameters of the job, as well as the minor details to better manage a project.  However, to be successful in a new region with rising opportunities, understanding the anthropology and culture of the region is a must.

This site will introduce new findings and articles that will benefit project managers (PM) of all fields, especially PM that work freelance and our consultant to other companies.  Hopefully, it will become a portal for all PM to visit for new opportunities and an organization to introduce the PM to each other.   The focus is on rising opportunities in the Middle East and for Western companies from the United States and Europe to find PM that will cooperate with them in this region.

Pmanagers.Org Intent:

Although Project Management has been discussed in Western regions for many years, it is a new subject in many Middle Eastern Countries.

Many western companies that are interested in working in the Middle East try to form partnerships and joint ventures to access this market, however, they find it difficult to find a professional project Manager that has the know-how to communicate properly and follow management procedures as per western standards and procedures.

Hopefully, this site will provide the network connection needed to relate the two sides and elevate the Project Management knowledge of PMs in the Middle East.

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You may search the blog for more information.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Hani Emari, the founder of the Project Managers Organization for consultation.

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